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How to Manage Client Work and Personal Projects More Efficiently

If you are reading this article and visit BloggingPro regularly, chances are you are a creative freelance writer or blogger. You embrace new ideas that often start as personal projects and eventually gain a greater business or commercial focus. But how do you consistently find the perfect balance between freelance writing jobs online and such projects? Let’s look at some practical tips to help keep both your writing clients and yourself happy.

Be Realistic About Your Workload

First off, you must be realistic about the amount of time you have for recreational projects and your financial needs.

Personally, I develop new ideas almost every day. If I were to implement them all, however, I would stretch myself so thin that nothing would ever get accomplished – not my client work, and certainly not my personal projects.

Start with one project first (preferably the one you are most passionate about) and take on another if you are certain you have the time and long-term willpower.

If Possible, Take on Enjoyable Client Work

We can’t always find enjoyable freelance writing jobs online. We have bills to pay just like everyone else, which means that being picky isn’t always an option.

If you can, though, try to land freelance writing gigs that you are truly comfortable with; in my case, these would be related to blogging, marketing, technology, and gaming. This often allows you to finish the work much faster, hence enabling for greater productivity and freeing up more time to work on personal projects.

There is little point in writing about rocket science if it takes you three times longer to complete the job, unless the pay absolutely warrants your time and effort.

When Are You Most Productive and Energetic?

When do you personally feel more comfortable completing each set of tasks? Some creative people tend to get the hardest job out of their way first, while others get warmed up by working on their most passionate task first.

Since this is purely subjective, determining the best time to work on clients and projects can – and usually will – help you manage everything more efficiently.

Here’s a good way to go about things for me: I often work on a personal project while watching television. Although my attention is divided, I can still manage to advance it quite a bit by the end of each week. Find what works for you and make the best of your time.

Take the Unexpected Into Account

productiivity tips

Let’s say that you set aside one hour a day to work on a new recreational project such as a new blog. While this may work most of the time, something unexpected will always come along. Think about an unannounced visit from a friend, the need to drive someone to work because his car wouldn’t start, helping someone with a move, or even dealing with a burnout that inevitably makes you work slower.

Take unexpected surprises into account when creating that perfect balance between client work and everything else; even if someone or something interrupts, you can still have the time to get it started.

A To-Do List is Your Friend

This may seem obvious to some (what blogger hasn’t suggested this at one point or another?) but if you enjoy managing multiple needs and wants simultaneously, a to-do list may be the best weapon in your creative arsenal.

I personally write for several clients, manage a service website, and am slowly building a new niche blog. If it were up to me, I would work solely on personal projects 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thankfully, management tools like Todoist (and previously Wunderlist) keep me in check.

Final Thoughts

Nothing is written in stone, and you may need to keep tweaking your existing schedule until you are fully comfortable. How do you personally balance between freelance writing jobs online and other, more personal tasks?

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