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Freemium SEO Tools Business Bloggers Shouldn’t Live Without

Blogging is a platform for people to share their thoughts and ideas to their target readers. Due to the effectiveness of blogging, it has been adopted by businesses to help raise their branding and attract more leads and clients to their products and services.

In order to rise above the competition, businesses are forced to develop and implement a sophisticated and intelligent blogging strategy. This will include the use of different marketing techniques and approaches for the business blog to be read by as many people in their target audience possible.

One strategy that business bloggers and marketers shouldn’t overlook is search engine optimization (SEO).

Much has been said about the purpose of SEO and the reason why you should include it in your overall strategy. However, what must be discussed is the challenge of getting your business blog atop search results for your target keyword.

Considering the ultra-competitive market of blogging, you will be hard-pressed to reach the very top of search results especially if you’re still starting out with your blog. While there are different effective strategies that will raise your search rankings, diligent bloggers will be applying the same. So the problem isn’t because of your strategy.

This is where freemium SEO tools come into play.

What separates high-ranking blogs from each other are the online tools and software each use. Since not all tools are made equal, you as business blogger would want to use freemium tools that will help make the SEO process easier to implement and provide you with data that you wouldn’t be able to find on your own and without paying a single cent for them.

Below are some that you shouldn’t live out.

Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner

Your SEO campaign will live and die by your target keywords. When choosing keywords to optimize for in your blog, you want those that are searched by lots of people to increase your chances of being found on search engines once your blog starts ranking. Considering that Google is arguably everybody’s choice of search engine, your keyword research stars and ends with Keyword Planner.

Upon entering your industry name in the search bar, you will be privy to a list of keyword ideas that you can optimize for. The best feature of this tool is that it gives you the average monthly search volume (global or local) of a keyword. Using this data will allow you to wisely choose keywords that closely describes your blog and that is searched by a lot of users.

Keyword Planner works best when used with other  tools like Ãœbersuggest and to provide you more insight into your keyword research.

Open Site Explorer 2015-06-05 20-16-14

SEO involves lots of number-crunching and data-mashing in order to pull off link building strategies. Open Site Explorer provides such numbers and data.

Entering your site in the search bar will give you a basic understand on how your business blog is performing using Moz’s metrics system. It runs down the number of inbound links and the anchor texts used from different domains. (For paid membership, the tool provides link opportunities to help boost your off-page optimization plan.)

The best way to use OSE is by mining the inbound links of competitor sites so you can have access to their link profile and find high-authority domains that you can link to if you haven’t yet. This process is called link poaching and is a very powerful tactic that you can build your link building strategy on.

BuzzSumo 2015-05-16 20-28-50

BuzzSumo works in two ways: Top Content lets you search for the most shared posts in social media using your target keywords while Influencers allows you to see the top Twitter users within your niche or industry. Using both will help you form a blogger outreach strategy so you can reach out to industry experts and collaborate with them for the purpose of writing better content or gaining a link from their site. For more information on how to pull this off, read this post.

Google Analytics

google analytics

The secret to a successful SEO campaign is by amplifying the aspects in your previous campaign that worked and removing the ones that didn’t produce your desired results. By using a website analytics tool like Google Analytics on your blog, you are able to gather big data to help you effective measure your campaign. Read this post at Yoast to gain a deeper understanding on how Google Analytics work in the context of SEO.

For more freemium SEO tools that you can use for your campaign, refer to this post at NicheHacks.