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Two Fundamentals for Monetizing Your Blog

Are you excited to monetize your blog the right way?

I am not talking about smoke and mirrors.

I mean real, practical, helpful tips for building a profitable blog over the long haul.

Bloggers tend to want something for nothing in the blog monetizing game. Resisting the desire to get rich quickly feels too overwhelming for most bloggers. But if you follow two fundamentals you will build a thriving blogging business through your patient, persistent generosity.

The Problem

You may believe a specific technique, tool or income stream nets you money. Not true. This is like believing a hammer can drive a nail into a wall by itself. Hammers are inanimate, lifeless tools. Income streams, strategies, and hacks are inanimate and lifeless – only effective if a skilled blogger makes the tools and techniques sing like a skilled carpenter makes a hammer sing.

Skilled, prospering bloggers build profitable blogging campaigns on tw0 core ideas.

Follow these two fundamentals for monetizing your blog.

1: Patiently Develop Your Skills

Making money through blogging is a skill.

Mastering this skill requires you to spend years of your life learning from pro bloggers, practicing your writing, creating helpful content and establishing meaningful friendships with top bloggers in your niche.

Learning, practicing, creating and connecting is not easy or comfortable for the next 2-3 years you devote to building a successful blog. Few bloggers stomach this journey, instead choosing to cut corners that lead to struggle, failure, or a tarnished reputation.

The few bloggers who see this journey through become established pro bloggers who live their dreams.

Follow 1-2 top pros in the blogging tips niche. Read their posts. Take notes. Study the notes. Put your knowledge into action. Practice writing daily. Publish 1-2 posts weekly. Promote top bloggers through social media and on your blog. Look for nothing in return. This is the only way to develop a reliable skill set for boosting your blogging profits.

Your persistently developed skills – not a tool, technique or strategy – draws money to and through your blog. Nobody develops your skills but you. Nobody spends thousands of hours writing or creating videos or recording podcasts but you.

Top bloggers commit years of their lives to practicing their blogging skills. This is why they become top bloggers.


  • follow 1-2 top bloggers in your niche or top blogging tips bloggers to learn how to monetize your blog effectively
  • patiently study their content
  • buy their products; invest in your education
  • practice writing 1000 words daily in a Word document
  • patiently review the fundamentals of successful blogging, being a student of this science

But developing skills is only one fundamental in building a successful, profitable blog.

Render generous service to lay the foundation for a profitable blog monetizing campaign.

2: Render Generous Service

Help people.

Be generous.

Succeed online by sharing freely of your time and talents.

Prospering bloggers render generous service by helping an increasing number of people without looking for anything in return through each interaction.

Cultivate an abundant, generous vibe. Share freely of your knowledge. Help people. Ask for nothing in return. Doing so helps you appear to be everywhere in your niche. This is a prerequisite to monetizing your blog effectively.

Focus heavily on rendering generous service but establish income streams too.

Consider coaching, freelance writing, creating courses and writing eBooks to set up income streams. But place most attention and energy on developing your skills and rendering generous service.

“Generous” means helping folks without expecting anything in return from individuals. Give freely and cut strings.


  • answer questions related to your blogging niche on Quora
  • answer questions on niche specific forums
  • be an active contributor on Facebook Groups and Google Plus Communities, asking questions to address reader problems and to share helpful answers
  • publish guest posts on top blogs from your niche
  • answer reader emails
  • publish helpful content on your blog
  • be as generous as possible across a wide range of channels including Sound Cloud, YouTube, Periscope and Facebook Live

The more freely you give now, next week, next month and next year the more freely you receive money over the long haul.

Give freely now and eventually, you will receive easily.

What tips can you add to this post?

How are you following these two fundamentals of successful blogging?