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How to Get More Backlinks Without Publishing New Blog Posts

As most of us know, the best way to get more backlinks involves the creation of worthy content.

Most bloggers usually resort to publishing conventional blog posts time and time again, which (let’s face it) can get a tad exhausting.

But what if you could build backlinks by creating things other than traditional articles?

The following steps involve the creation of other useful content within your blog. In some ways this resembles Brian Dean’s famous Skyscraper technique, in which you publish something far superior (typically in length) than anything else available online.

The point here is to create a more centralized and permanent source. Plus, depending on your decision, you could get away with something that’s relatively short, simple, and low-maintenance. The question now is, what would that be?

Let’s get started to help you decide.

Step 1: Develop an Authoritative Resources Page

get more backlinksUnlike a blog post, a resources page sits prominently and permanently on your homepage – front and center. This not only gives it more exposure, but it makes said page look and feel special.

But there’s a trick to ensuring this page isn’t just a pretty face:

  • Every item available needs to be free of charge
  • Items need to be either hard to find, or highly valuable when grouped together

Here are some examples of what I mean. Feel free to implement one or more into your blog:

  • A term directory/glossary: This could be based on SEO buzzwords, travel-related lingo, street words for your urban blog, or any other set of curious terminology.
  • A source of niche jobs. If you run a blog for developers, you could dedicate a page to remote development jobs on a daily basis. Just aggregate them with a small description and a link.
  • A list of guides and tutorials, great for most niches such as DIY enthusiasts. You may write the guides yourself, purchase high-quality PLR products, or outsource them for cheap using Upwork, Fiverr, or other network.
  • A massive roundup page dedicated to something your audience would visit periodically. For example, what if you had list of 500 ways to make money from home? Alternatively, a list of the best guest blogging articles found around the web. This might also enable you to befriend others indirectly and get more backlinks.
  • A piece of online software or plugin to resolve a common problem. For example, this website has a calculator to determine PayPal transaction fees. What small issue could a tool/plugin resolve for your audience?
  • A list of “alternatives” to something great that no longer exists or has been performing poorly. Think of alternative tools, services, or websites that your audience could definitely use more of.

Step 2: Scratch Someone’s Back

Since you’re visiting this very website and reading this post, chances are you’ve already heard this before: Befriend other bloggers. Especially those with slightly more authority.

As a result, I won’t spend much time in this section… considering you already know what to do. Scratch their backs and develop a genuine interest in them (emphasis on genuine).

Step 3: Ask them to Scratch Yours

Once again, you should already know how this goes: Once you develop a solid relationship with someone, it’s really not far-fetched to ask for a little favor in return….

Ask them to link to your helpful resources page and repeat this process with many other bloggers. Your resources page will eventually get more backlinks and your entire blog will become more authoritative in the process.

Simply put, this page will be the “go-to” place for those who need it.

Here’s a nice way to speed up the process: First and foremost, go to Google and search for posts specifically designed for your resources page.

For example, let’s say that you tend to aggregate daily jobs for developers. Search for strings like, “websites to find gigs” or “best resources for developers.” Here you will see many results (articles) that are loosely related to your resources page.

Connect with those authors, and eventually ask if they’d be willing to add your resources page to their existing (related) post.


There you have it. This is yet another way to get more backlinks, gain more authority, and not have to come up with brand new blog posts solely for that purpose. Targeted backlinks mean more ways to make money from home – as long as you give visitors exactly what they’re looking for, of course.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. Enjoy!

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