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How to Get Over Your Guest Blogging Fears

Guest blogging fears are very real, and they often prevent even the most talented bloggers from networking with others.

What if I’m judged and ridiculed? What if I make a crucial mistake when presenting the facts? These are only some of the many questions going through your head.

The reason behind this irrational fear varies from one person to another, but the results are always the same: A missed opportunity to build new friendships and grow your website’s traffic.

Today I’d like to discuss why your guest blogging fears should be put to rest. Let’s make this year the most productive one yet.

You’re an Expert

guest blogging fearsSometimes we feel overwhelmed catering to an audience that “isn’t ours.” Potential readers may be more used to the blog’s admin and other frequent contributors, which could prompt you to feel insecure.

Remember, though, that you are an expert in your field. When a doctor gets a brand new patient, do you think he questions his skills and expertise?

As a professional, you already know what to say – or even better – you know whether or not to say it.

Trust in your ability to blow the audience away, whether they’ve known you for a few minutes or several years.

You’re Speaking to a Niche Audience

I could understand your nervousness if you were to discuss an unfamiliar subject. Thankfully, guest blogging is all about communicating with an audience that you already know from the inside out.

Remember they are thoroughly interested in the very subject you cover and look to you for additional guidance. This automatically establishes a sense of trust and appreciation for you. Return the favor by delivering your authoritative knowledge.

Acknowledge Your Faults

It’s common (and encouraged) to establish yourself as an authoritative force, but you should always be relatable to your readers.

Talk about your weaknesses as a blogger when appropriate, or any shortcomings you once had and how you overcame it.

In addition, clearly state when something is more “opinion” than fact if you believe it’s largely subjective.

Guest blogging doesn’t always involve having all the answers; rather, take the opportunity to come off as a mere mortal as well.

Embrace Criticism

guest blogging guideI personally love feedback, even when the person comes off as a complete douche. Why? Because it helps me become a better blogger regardless of his/her attitude.

Always try to tell the difference between constructive feedback and a pointless attack (while still embracing it all nevertheless).

Think about this to get over your guest blogging fears: Every hit you take will only make you stronger.

Think of Rocky Balboa and remember how he often succeeded after many punches to the gut. He wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither should you.

Don’t Over-think Things

Sure, you want to compose a helpful and detailed article that audiences will love, but over-thinking information can sometimes leave you paralyzed.

What if the admin rejects the piece? What if you’re asked for a monumental revision?

Remember that every blog owner is different and quality is often subjective. Perhaps your article simply needs to be a bit longer for his standards or you made a simple (and understandable) mistake, which happens to all of us.

Whatever the case may be, simply write the article using the very knowledge you already possess. If the piece is ultimately turned down, you can always pitch it to another blogger after looking it over.

Be Conversational (If Applicable)

Thankfully, the average blog owner tends to embrace a conversational style to avoid sounding like a bland, boring user’s manual.

My articles used to take twice as long because I always ditched a laid-lack, conversational approach. This also elevated my guest blogging fears as I thought that anything less than “Shakespeare-level” was unacceptable.

Analyze the overall style and format that the blog in question uses, and pretend you’re writing it for your own site if possible. You’ll be glad you did.

Your Turn

How often do you contribute guest posts to niche websites? How did you get over your guest blogging fears? Please share additional tips in the comments section below!

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