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How to Get Traffic from Blog Comments in 2020 (and Beyond)

The ability to get traffic from blog comments generally triggers mixed answers. Some are still loving blog comments as of 2020, while others have dismissed it as a complete waste of time.

The issue with the latter stems from those who expect immediate results or are simply focusing on the wrong outcome.

All in all, it’s not uncommon to leave a short, generic comment on several blogs over two weeks and then quickly give up after seeing no results.

Back in 2016, an article by BloggingPro (that’s us) shed some light on the possibility that blog comments may be dying in favor of social media interaction. In other words, studies had shown that prominent blogs were disabling the Comments section and encouraging people to leave their thoughts on the blog’s respective social media channels instead.

For one reason or another, this trend seems to have somewhat reversed over the years. Some bloggers felt that a blog without comments was reminiscent of a ghost town, while others simply enjoyed the vibrant sense of community that only blog comments can provide.

Whatever the case may be, many blogs have now re-enabled comments and (thankfully) this practice didn’t die out as so many of us once thought.

Note: There is inherently nothing wrong with enabling or disabling comments, as it all depends on your blog’s ultimate goal and the feel you wish to achieve with it.

People like Ryan Biddulph and other bloggers have proven that blog commenting is still an amazing strategy — and I don’t mean just for traffic, but rather for establishing relationships and solidifying your brand.

Feel free to read this other article on blog commenting, as Ryan was kind enough to share his thoughts with us a few years ago. Now let’s expand on that previous article a bit more, shall we?

Benefits of Blog Commenting

Build Real Relationships / Connections

I have already mentioned the importance of building relationships before…

It goes without saying, but you naturally have many more opportunities as a direct result of forming friendships with fellow content creators.

Gain New Insights

The more you comment, the more you’ll sharpen that brain. Even if you’re commenting on a well-versed subject, chances are you’ll look at certain things from a new, previously-unexplored perspective.

Other commenters will also point out things that you (likely) didn’t know depending on how deep the conversation gets.

Improve Written Communication Skills

We never stop learning, and the same goes for sharpening those good ol’ written skills. I’m not talking about grammar here, but rather about the ability to keep audiences engaged.

I still visit some old-fashioned forums to this day, and there are people that I always look forward to reading comments from. So keep sharpening those fingers through blog commenting, guys.

Raise Brand Awareness

Even if you don’t get as many visitors and interaction as expected, don’t underestimate the power of brand awareness.

There are plenty of real-world stores that I rarely ever visit, but guess what? I still know them by heart due to the many times I’ve seen their name and logo just about everywhere.

Whenever I need something specific, I may consider that store as my goto place. That is the true power of brand awareness.

Likewise, this is how many readers feel even if they don’t actively visit your blog today, tomorrow, or next week.

If your website teaches people how to publish Kindle books, people are more likely to remember you as “the guy who knows about Kindle books” if they decide to jump into that business at some point.

How to Get Traffic with Blog Comments

leverage blog comments trafficTreat Each Comment Like a Short Article

As Ryan suggested in his previous article, your blog comments need to be much more than just a comment. Pretend that every opinion is its own, fleshed out mini article.

This means composing several paragraphs (if the topic allows for it), dropping statistics, backing up your claims, and leaving the conversation open for further interaction.

This will often lead to more replies, which then allows you to once again provide your two cents on the matter…

And you know what happens when people view you as a knowledgeable and passionate source? Some of them naturally visit your blog to see what else you have to offer.

While the amount of visitors is statistically small, what matters here is the quality of those visitors.

Say, for instance, that you’re giving away an ebook to help collect email leads on your homepage. Some of these visitors are far more likely to download the book due to the interest and expertise you had previously cultivated through blog commenting.

Become a Regular

Leaving one thoughtful comment is not enough. Leaving a handful of comments every 4-5 weeks is hardly acceptable. You have to go all out to get quality traffic via blog comments.

Many bloggers publish new content twice per week, while others do it once weekly. Whatever the case may be, engage with their content at least 50% of the time until your face becomes synonymous with the blog in question.

And don’t worry about not knowing what to say, since you should only engage in niche topics that are heavily related to your own blog.

Remain Objective

Sadly, we are often biased about things we’re passionate about. Let’s say that you’re an avid book reader (as in, physical books) and you just read an article discussing how amazing ebooks / audiobooks are…

It wouldn’t be surprising if you have a strong desire to dismiss the author’s claims. You may also feel the urge to comment merely to “defend” the art of reading a physical book, and you might even get too defensive in the process.

This kind of behavior would quickly turn off potential visitors to your website, even if some of them agree with your main points.

You want to remain 100% fair and argue both sides of the story. At the end of the day, people value a mature perspective much more than a “fanboy” perspective.

Subtle Promotion is Okay

While you shouldn’t comment primarily to drop links or even to get traffic, you can certainly mention your blog *once in a while* if it fits into the conversation.

For example, if you read an article that discusses domain name generators, you could casually leave a comment stating that your [blog name] was generated by such tools.

You may also suggest readers visit a specific article of yours if it really, really helps drive the conversation forward.

Note, however, that the comment shouldn’t consist solely of this self-promotion. Rather, leave a thorough comment (as previously discussed) and mention your self-serving source in passing without giving it any real spotlight.

It also helps to do this only after providing an insane amount of value over a long period.

End Result: Reciprocation / Doors Open

blog comments brand awarenessAs you can see, blog comments can provide plenty of benefits — although enabling them isn’t always necessarily a great idea.

And just as many of us predicted a potential decline back in 2016, the present has taught us to never underestimate this practice even if it feels antiquated.

As to whether this very website will re-open blog comments remains to be seen, as the staff is very busy maintaining other aspects of the business. But rest assured, there are still millions of other blogs for you to start building relationships right away.