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Getting into the Swing of Blogging

Sometimes the words just flow from you lips onto the pages of your blog, and other times, it dries up, and can be hard to keep going. After more than two years of blogging, I get asked how I was able to keep it going for all that time. Lately, I have stopped posting on my blog, and realized how I was able to blog for so long: make it part of your routine. Even if you have nothing amazing to say, adding blogging to your routine will make it easier to blog when you do have something to say.
Some people might disagree with me, saying that it is better to post nothing than post something sub-standard, but if you get off course with blogging, it can sometimes be too easy to just stop writing all together.
Another tip on getting back into the swing of blogging is to read other blogs known for inspiring you to write, have an opinion or answer a question. Sometimes a simple scenario or question can inspire a whole series of blog posts.
The last thing that I do to keep myself blogging is trying to keep a list of things I have done or seen that I think might be blog worthy. I have a good ten or twenty folders of tabs in Firefox with stories I want to go back to and write about. I may never get to them, but it is always nice to have “water in the well” to go back to.
Enjoy writing, make it part of who you are, and your blog will flourish.