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Getting Your Name on Search Engines

One of the reasons I recently moved my blog was because I was looking to rank higher for my first name. Finding out about me by my last name is easy because I am more or less the only Peralty on Google, other than misspellings of Penalty.
Getting your name or business name to rank well on Google and other search engines can be fairly difficult, but nothing that some patience and optimization can’t fix.
Include Your Name in Your Domain
Try making sure that your domain name includes your name, either partially or fully. It is pretty easy to be found when your company and domain name are the same.
Modify Your Titles
Make sure that your title is set up correctly, including your company name in the title of every page. Most people have found that putting “page title at site title” an effective way to promote both the content on the page, as well as your name as well. For personal blogs, you could do “page title by your name” and thus you’d see much more content associated with your name on Google and other search engines.
Include Alt Tags
Never forget about the alt tag for images. When you place your header image, it never hurts to make sure your alt tag is filled out with your name or the business name, also making sure if you put up a picture of yourself that you have a proper alt tag.
Meta Tags Too
While meta tags don’t have the power they used to have, putting your name in the meta tags doesn’t take long, and doesn’t hurt.
Include an About Page
Having an about page is important for everyone, bloggers and companies alike. This is your page to talk about yourself, and sometimes my about page was ranking higher in searches for my name than any other pages on my site. And make sure you link to the about page, on every page where it makes sense to do so.
Get Linked by Name
Lastly, try to get people to link to you by name, even if your domain name does not have your name, the link to your site still can. There are many people that have linked to my site by its name, and while that is great and all, it is very rare that people search me out by my site’s name. They are usually looking for me by my name, and so links from sites using my name, make it easier for people to track me down on search engines.
Reminding the search engines constantly who owns the site can be very helpful to end users trying to search you out but it is not one of those things we take the time to optimize for. And as I am usually the main focus of the content is not your name, or company name, you really have to find other ways to remind Google and other search engines who is behind the content.