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Give Your Old Template to the Masses

Wisdump, the new name of WhiteSpace, has a great article up where Scrivs says that when you are moving from an old blog design to a new one, you should package up your old one and give it away to the masses to have. Not only can it be a great promotional tool by including a link back to your own site, but it can be really great to give away themes and see them being used and modified.
Some designers change their site design quite often, and many of those designs never see the light of day again, but with a growing number of WordPress users, you could give your old themes away, with no or limited support. You could see hundreds of backlinks, kudos from those that have enjoyed your contribution, and with the fast changes designers make, they could give away four or five a year, making them a staple in the theme environment, especially to new bloggers, that can’t design.
The first thing that people wondered is if Scrivs was going to give away his old Whitespace template, but since its on MovableType, he said:

Well the old Whitespace was using MovableType and I just don’t plan on doing anything for that system again, but I will make sure to start archiving these WP themes.

So in half a year, you might see the Wisdump theme up for grabs for free. Very cool, and I hope more designers follow suit.