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Giving Criticism

Over on The Closet Entrepreneur there is a post about criticism, something that people are great at, except when it comes to constructive criticism.

The good form of criticism is known as constructive criticism, it offers valid feedback both positive and negative. Giving constructive criticism can lend much needed assistance to an individual by giving them feedback on things that can be improved and issues that can be avoided. Giving constructive criticism can also help establish your credibility and expertise by ensuring that you know what you’re talking about, and the people who benefit from your constructive criticism will be more likely to credit you in some way or form for playing a part in their success. Constructive criticism can also keep feelings from being hurt by focusing on things that can be improved while avoiding personal attacks or insults.

It also pays to learn what constructive criticism is, so that you don’t feel offended when someone offers a piece of advice, or criticisms.
Check out the full article to get some ideas on how to give criticism.