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Going Pro: Network or Indie?

Over on Yugatech there is a post talking about which route bloggers should take in becoming a problogger: joining a network or independent?
I, personally, think joining a network, or even just a group of bloggers willing to promote each other is a faster way to get to that “pro” level.
Here are some details from Yuga’s post:

Case in point, Filipina Soul is one of b5’s blog and since it joined Pinoy Top Blogs last August 2006, it has garnered a total of 274,000 pageviews. Using their rate card, that goes down to $411 ($1.5/k x 274k) or roughly $37/month. Add to that the additional base pay of $50 – $100 per month. At an average of between $87 to $137 every month for 11 months, not bad at all. Very few people I know can sustain that amount of revenue if they did it on their own (though I admire/applaud those who have managed to do so).
But that shouldn’t prevent you from starting your own blogs too. Call it an insurance of sorts. If one day you decided to quit and take a rest, you’ll have your own stable of revenue source not tied up with the network. And even if you don’t update it, I’m sure you’d get a dollar or two still (think TLA).

Great advice, and information for would-be probloggers. If you haven’t been diving in head first to learn the rates of the networks out there looking for people, you might wind up spending a whole bunch of time on your blog, and not even coming close to the rates you would have secured in a network.