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Good Blog Writing Style

Google Blogscoped has some tips on Good Blog Writing Stlye. Writing on a blog can be different than many other forms of writing as you are linking to your sources right in your content and people have much shorter attention spans online.
Two of the ten points listed in the article are used to adress this specific difference:

Write in inverted pyramid style: first get to the point and mention the core ideas, then fill in the details in later paragraphs. The first and second sentence should allow people to decide if they want to continue reading this.
The first link is the one most people click on, so it should also be the main link for your article. Also, too many links too close to each other diffuse your point and make you less of a filter, and a (news) blog should always be a filter for others.

I think these are great tips, and that everyone should just give them a quick once over.