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Google and Control: Going too Far?

A long time ago, Google could do no wrong, and everyone on the web was pretty happy. Now, my colleague, Ahmed, has posted his thoughts on the current version of Google, which is much more pervasive than ever before, but is it also more controlling?

Over the years, I’ve been a ‘fan’ of Google. I say that with hesitation – I’m not an unbridled fan that runs around saying how Google is the bestest ever. I simply try to take a step back, see what they are trying to do, and think it through. I’ve made many a snide comments on Webmaster World to people who do nothing but bash Google non-stop. But I can see reasoning. As someone who has lived in highly oppressive countries, I believe that education is the single best way to help people. So I sorta understood why Google wanted to operate in China (the altruistic companion to their desire to make more money).

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