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Google News Integrating Blogs?

Steve Rubel noticed something interesting over at Google News.

On the top right hand part of the page next to the Archive Search there’s now a link to Google Blog Search. Is Google one step closer to integrating the two products? They already do on Google Finance. News and blogs seem even more like a natural fit.

Let’s just say this small change had blogs all over exploding with wonder. Are blogs even close to being considered credible news sources? Should the two products remain completely seperate? Or is this the smartest idea that Google has had in a while? The traffic repercussions for anyone listed on Google News is huge, as being listed can mean thousands of new visitors, and thus chances for the blog to make some money. Being de-listed could also mean a huge change, as visitor numbers decline.
If they do merge the two services more, I will be interested to see how they filter things by credibility.