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Grow Up With Your Readers

Darren Rowse has a post on his blog where he talks about growing up with your readers. You start a blog, keep it simple and as it goes on, you slowly post more and more thought provoking and “grown up” posts.
Here is how he puts it:

Start with the basics (after all that’s where many people are at) and then add to the level that you pitch things at over time with more intermediate posts and then advanced ones.
This is what I’ve been attempting to do with Digital Photography School over the last 10 months. The early days focussed in on how to hold a camera and basic rules of composition like the rule of thirds – and over time I’ve gradually attempted to get a little more advanced and have tried to tempt readers out of the auto modes on their cameras with posts on exposure. Adding a forum also grew the blog up a little and attracted a higher level of interaction and learning.
I’m not saying you can’t start a blog at a more advanced level – many have done this successfully – but as I look around most niches I see a lot of blogs that have already gone to the advanced level that might have forgotten about the beginner user – for me the logical response to this is to tap into this forgotten novice market and move on from there.

I totally agree with his assessment, though sometimes, if your blog gets too advanced, it can turn off new readers who aren’t interested in digging through your archives. So it doesn’t always hurt to bring people back to basics. Check out the rest of his post, where he compares this whole experience to McDonald’s of all companies.