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Habari 0.4 Released

Habari is continuing to evolve and mature, but it has been a long time since we mentioned it here on Blogging Pro, and there is a reason for that, its development has been slow.
This means that they aren’t pushing forward fast enough to continue to capture my attention, which could be losing them the audience they were hoping for. I am impressed at their continued work towards creating a blogging platform that breaks down barriers between publishers and getting their content out there.

There are many significant enhancements in this version, including the addition of exciting new media management functionality, the genesis of a working permissions system, and many useful UI enhancements. Of course, there are a lot of improvements under the hood, which you can review in the release notes or in the commit log, which describes all 230 code changes since our last release.

If you haven’t heard of Habari, and you are interested, definitely check out their site, Personally, I will be waiting until they get to version 1.0 before jumping both feet forward into their project once again.