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Habari Developer Release?

In January, I noted that a group was forming to create Habari, a blogging platform that was supposed to be forward looking, and now, over three months later, we still haven’t seen a developer release of Habari in the wild, but that might be changing soon with posts on the newsgroup saying that April 1st might just be the day.
I know it seems like an odd day to release anything, but like it was pointed out in the recent conversations, April 1st was the release of Google’s Gmail, and look how well that has done.
I am still hesitant that they will make their April 1st tentative date, as the banter on the newsgroups has greatly diminished over the last month or so. While I would like to think this is because they are getting close to a release, it is just as likely that many of the secondary names that had attached themselves to the project have run out of steam, and thus dropped out.
Here is hoping for Habari.