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Headline Information Overload

Everything you have ever wanted to know about headlines and titles, Lorelle has mentioned in her recent post entitled “Creating Effective, Attention-Getting Headlines and Titles“.
While the title might sound a bit wordy, it really allows you to understand the broad scope of what she has written. The article seriously feels like it goes on forever, but its well written, and very nicely organized.

The title of your blog is a title. The title of your post is a title. The section titles in your post content are also titles. Each one plays an important role in helping your readers read your blog article, but they also play an extremely important role in how your page is evaluated and displayed in search engine results.
Titles are used in lists found in lists of related posts, most recent posts, site maps, and many other lists of posts and articles you’ve written on your blog. Titles are used by other bloggers to feature the article on their blogs, whether in a specific article or on a link list. Titles are showcased on search engines, tag services, blog networks and feed services, and social bookmarking services, among other offsite listings.
Titles are used in so many ways, it’s important to look at the different uses for all of these titles and how to make the most of your well written titles on your blog.
Since titles are so import to search engine optimization (SEO), shouldn’t you learn how they are used on your blog?

So if you have been stressing over your headlines and titles, check out the article on Lorelle on WordPress.