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Help One of Our Own: Blogger in Need

I just got a message from Jeremy Wright, CEO of b5media pointing out something that has happened to one of his bloggers, Cheril Vernon. Cheril lost her house, and her pets to a fire recently, and is without insurance to rebuild. The local Red Cross is doing what it can, but if we could all show our support by giving what we can, then Cheril and her family will be doing much better than they already are.
To read more about the incident, and send in you donation, check out the special page, b5media Blogger Loses Home in Fire, made surrounding this event on b5media’s own site.
Every dollar helps, and remember, you’d want someone to do the same for you if you were the one that lost the house and your pets.
Lastly, if you are on Twitter, Facebook or other such sites, please make sure to message about this, as spreading the word is also very helpful.