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Help Problogger, Darren Rowse, choose a Domain Name

Darren Rowse is running a contest over the next two days for $100 US to help him pick out a domain name.

Now before you start submitting domains names on any topic here are a few guidelines:

  • The domain name must currently be available (not for sale etc) – so check their availability (you can do this here)
  • I’d prefer a .com name
  • Submit your ideas via this contact form (I’ll not do this in comments because no sooner will you submit your ideas than others will start up blogs on them – comments have been turned off on this post).

In terms of topic – here’s the brief (and a warning that it’s vague at this point):
I want to the blog to be written in a similar tone to ProBlogger but to have broader appeal. It won’t be targeted towards bloggers but towards…. well humans. It won’t be helping them earn money…. but is more about helping people get the most from life in a broad range of topics. It will include tips, inspiration, story and discussion. It’ll probably have a slight technical/web bent, but will be broader than that and will tackle emotional, spiritual and relational posts. It might even have a bit of a ‘dad’ focus.

If you win, share some of the loot with me….Please…