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Hemingway Creator Says Enough

Kyle Neath of Warpspire has come out and expressed his feelings in concern to the WordPress community saying simply that he is not happy.

I felt like Hemingway was my little chance to give back to the community.
But that relationship has gotten more and more sour over the past year and a half. What started off as an unexpected success has turned into a bratty little kid. You see, at first I was amazed at how many people loved and used Hemingway. But recently, I’ve started to wish less people used it. I even considered taking down the support forums, download pages, and instantly marking anything with “Hemingway” in the subject like Junk-mail.
It’s because of this dark side that Hemingway hasn’t seen any updates – including a painfully easy update to work with WordPress 2.1 (renaming of a single function). It’s on purpose, and I realized it’s not laziness or lack of motivation – it’s out of spite. That’s a terrible way to think of your creation, but I’m afraid to say it’s true.

His post is probably going to be echoed by many of the major theme creators that really gave to the WordPress community what it needed most: quality designs for users.
A sad state of affairs when something like this happens, and I hope that the community will head over the Warpspire and give Kyle a pat on the back for all the effort that he has given so freely to the community.