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Homogenized Blogosphere?

Greg Storey of Airbag Industries is not so excited about blogging anymore and he says that “web-two-point-dough has homogenized the Internet”.

When content is forced through a entry-commment-trackback-pagerank strainer it all comes out looking the same no matter how the templates are designed. Sure this format is functional but it’s more like a Maersk shipping container than a Volvo s50. This is fine for commercial purposes, the blog is certainly the must-have online marketing device, but I miss those days when content wasn’t confined to categories, calendars, and links to vote a piece of content into a popularity contest.

I think there is still much in the way of exciting changes and differences but when you bring something like blogging to the masses, you get people that just want to write, and not create beautiful masterpieces of web design and coding. I think as WordPress and other blog engines evolve, you will see designers and developers expanding the abilities through the use of simple to use tools so that regular people with no design or coding knowledge can recreate their personal flavor online.
What do you think, has the web, especially blogs become a sea of sameness, or are their enough distinct and interesting sites to say “ney” to Greg?