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How a Bistro can be a Bloggers Haven

Today, I went to the Mooney’s Bay Bistro in Ottawa, and I was treated to a really nice breakfast, drink, and calming atmosphere. The best thing about it though was the lack of WiFi.
That’s right, I said the lack of WiFi was the best thing about the small restaurant. It allowed me to disconnect and concentrate on some real writing rather than reading news, blogs, feeds, responding to instant messages, dealing with phone calls, and a myriad of other distractions that constantly slow me down or lead to work that I consider to be a little sub-par of what it should be.
Laptop users that are writers might understand what I mean, as they have already tried it, but I really recommend, if you have a laptop, to just take it somewhere quiet, where you don’t have to worry about anything, and don’t feel pressured to leave, and then just write. Think about things going on in your life, world, work or whatever subject you want to write about, and just start putting words down. Not only is it a relaxing experience, but you might just find that you get more work done disconnected from the world wide web.