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How Adaptive Content Can Save Your Website from Online Extinction

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Just like the different plug sizes above, adaptive content aims to fits to the needs of your audience by providing them with laser-focused content based on their needs and standing relationship with your site.

Just when you thought content marketing is a precise method of drawing your target audience to your site using content, it’s still not precise enough.

Let’s say you have spent time defining your target audience to help you produce engaging content tailor-made to appease to your audience. Even when the posts have been published for weeks and months and sufficient promotional campaign were done to ensure that they get to be seen by your intended readers, there’s a chance that you won’t be able to meet the expected resultsfrom your content.

Depending on the metrics you’re using to measure the content’s impact, you may feel that you could have done more with your content marketingand maximize its performance.

To answer this: there is a way to help supercharge your content marketing plan and it goes by the name of adaptive content.

Another marketing buzzword that has been picking up steam these past few months, adaptive content is “personalized content,” in which the content you produce on your site not only contributes to the overall positive experience that visitors should feel when interacting with your site, but also makesa personal impact to them. The latter can be determined by taking note of the following:

  • Visitor’s relationship with the site prior to visiting the targeted page
  • Where the visitor is situated in your buyer cycle or journey

These two important factors may drastically change your content marketing approach. For instance, when creating content, you need to consider whether your intended reader for this particular post is a first-time visitor or a recurring one and whether you intend to usher atransaction with your readersthrough this content or to simply provide them useful information without any intention of converting them.


A detailed approach to your content strategy will help you define the parameters of your content marketing using adaptive content. (Props to Kristen Hicks at Content Marketing Institute for this image. Click here to check out the post for the image source and more information about this type of content creation.)

The implications of this approach to content creation are as follows:

  • Establish a visitor cycle – If your blog or site serves the purpose of getting lots of traffic and building more awareness to your brand, you need to consider setting up a visitor cycle using the foundations of a customer cycle in this post. Doing thisallows you to refine your target audience by determining the kind of relationship you’ve forged with them.Since the experience of a first-time visitor will be different compared to your long-time subscribers, the approach of writing the post for each will be different. In this case of the former, your intention will be to encourage them to visit again to your site and read more of your content to turn them into subscribers. The timethey sign up to your subscriber list signals the evolution of yourrelationship – they no longer consider you as just a website that they visited once but more as a site they can’t get enough of.Ultimately, the kind of content you should publish reflects to the kind of relationship you want to achieve with your target audience.
  • Creation of dynamic content – Instead of settling for blog posts that lay dormant once your topic goes out of vogue, adaptive content lets you produce content inhabiting a living and breathing ecosystem, which is your visitor cycle. Whether it’s your videos, infographics, podcasts, or articles, your content will foreverstrive to improve relations with your target audience to reach your online goals.
  • Personalization – By tailor-fitting your content according to your audience’s needs and desires, you are able to strike a more indelible impact not only in their online activity, but also their lives. All websites will a goal of increasing their conversion rates will benefit from adaptive and personalized content, as personalized e-commerce sites can increase conversion rate by 70%.

Final thoughts:Whether you’re on board with adaptive content or not, there’s a great chance that websites and blog will gravitate towards this meticulousand data-driven content strategy. However, this post has helped you get a better sense of this content creation processand how you should proceed with your own content marketing strategy.

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