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How Do You Keep on Blogging?

I am currently going through some blogging burnout, and I was wondering what others do to combat this problem. How do you keep writing on your blog, day after day, month after month?
I have written thousands of blog posts over the past year, but find myself unable to do as much as I used to be able to, and thus, my personal site is suffering. My goal for my personal blog was to get to 1,000 posts by December 2006 (which is two years since the blog was “opened”), thusly increasing my exposure online and using my blog as a record of my life, endeavours, and whatnot, but the amount of posts I have been able to write on my blog has dwindled in recent months.
I used to be able to push out upwards of 50 posts a month on my personal site about work I have been doing, visits with friends, games I have been playing, movies I have been watching. For the most part writing for myself, my friends and my family, but since around April 2006, I have not been able to push out more than 35, and that number continues to drop.
I have tried to force myself to blog. I have tried to read old posts as inspiration, but I just can’t get myself out of this blogging rut, so I am asking all of you to write a blog post, explaining your tips on getting out of this rut, and trackback this post, so I can see your thoughts and ideas. I really need your help. How do you keep on blogging?