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How Much is a Blog Post Worth? has a post up trying to analyze how much blog posts are worth, in regards to paying hired writers to write on blogs. I am a hired writer, and get paid a variety of different amounts, depending on each factor that Darren lists, as well as the amount that the company can afford, let’s never forget that. You can charge whatever you want, but someone has to be able to afford it.

chatting with many bloggers from many networks and business blogs I’m hearing that the going rate on a ‘per post’ basis seems to be ranging from as low as $2 per post up to $20 per post (and on occasion I’ve heard of payments as high as $100 for one off or less frequent columns).
Of course ultimately the value of a post will be determined by the market (ie demand and supply and the budget of the blog owner and where it intersects with the situation and willingness of the blogger).

As with every blogger though, I’d always like to get paid more, so let’s keep hoping more marketing and advertising dollars come online.