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How Much Should a Design Cost?

For those of you out there getting design envy looking at some of the top blogs out there, you might be wondering how much it would cost to get yourself a good design and Chris Pearson has recently written about his pricing structure on Pearsonified, his blog.
In his post entitled “How Much Should a Design Cost?”, he breaks things down so that personal bloggers and company bloggers looking to get some design work done, can understand the frustration that designers are currently going through, as it seems everyone expects everything online to be cheap.

Every week, I get emails from potential clients who all want to know one thing: How much for a design?
Nine times out of ten, my answer causes them to run for the hills. Scary thing is, based on industry buzz, my prices could actually be considered totally reasonable by comparison. Don’t believe me? Well, today you get the whole scoop – my prices, their prices, and my always-priceless editorial commentary on the subject

While I can’t afford to have someone like him redo any of my sites currently, I do think his prices are pretty reasonable. Starting at $1500 USD and capping around $3000 for what he calls a “pimped out blog”, he also notes that his pricing is lower than others out there including the Blog Studio, which starts at around $3000 and goes up from there.
The amount of time and effort that goes into thinking about various aspects of design, one being my ultimate weakness, typography, is just amazing. A very worthy read, and very humbling for people like myself, that can barely afford to pay $100 on a blog design.