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How Much to Charge for Blogging Services?

There have been countless discussions on how much to charge for blogging services over the years. As we cover various pricing factors in this article, let’s assume that “blogging services” mainly means at least one of the following in this case:

  • Writing content for a client blog
  • Performing keyword research
  • Updating the blog in general
  • Sharing the occasional content on social media

In other words, your blogging services don’t cover the technical side of things in this case – such as writing CSS code, maintaining WordPress plugins, testing different themes, and so on.

With that out of the way, let’s look into everything you must consider before landing on a satisfactory blogging service rate.

First Thing’s First: Pricing is Subjective

what to charge bloggerMany writers and bloggers will spit out specific amounts you should charge, such as .10 cents per word when writing content and even much more for popular brands.

On the other hand, others might tell you to start low and build a solid portfolio until you can gradually increase your prices.

Lastly, some others will always stick to a relatively low rate for various personal or professional reasons…

For example, some people are perfectly happy making a minimum livable wage for life. Other people have more ambitious plans and wish to buy that expensive car or a big house later down the road.

Whatever the case may be, we shouldn’t judge how others decide to use their time and money.

And once again, blogging services might entail things other than writing.

This means that there is no straight answer to how much you should charge. For that reason, let’s take a deeper look at the many factors you must consider.

Are You Blogging for Passion, Money, or Both?

freelance blogging servicesI have provided blogging services purely for passion, with monetary compensation being merely a bonus. I have also worked with highly profitable clients in my past.

Your perspective plays a role (at least in part) when it comes to charging for blogging services. Perhaps Little Grey box says it best when it comes to this, adding:

“I run my travel blog because I L-O-V-E it, and sometimes that means I have to work for no money and consider myself paid in travel and content for my site, which I’m okay with.”

In the above quote, they also refer to sponsored content that is paid for by various clients.

So if you’re writing primarily for passion, your blogging rate may be affected by your love or familiarity with the subject.

You may also opt to charge less if the client sends you valuable products to try and blog about. For example, a video game blogger may receive free games in exchange for a lower fee. If the blogger is deeply passionate about the niche, this could heavily impact the amount he chooses to charge.

Are You Providing Maintenance Work?

What kind of blogging services are you providing in addition to writing? For example, are you:

  • Editing previously-published content with better wording/grammar?
  • Updating keywords for greater SEO benefits?
  • Adding or replacing images around new and older blog posts?
  • Providing social media work alongside your blogging services?
  • Answering every blog post comment and moderating the community?
  • Updating content that is normally not evergreen? (for example, news pieces as new details unfold)

Quick Note:
If you normally charge per word when writing content, some of the things mentioned above tend to work better as an hourly rate. There is no specific word count when managing social media or moderating the Comments section, for instance. This is where you’ll need to calculate how much to charge based on the factors in this article.

Consider Your Living Conditions / Country

writing service ratesIf i were charging $12/hr for blogging services in the United States (and not as a hobby or for passion), then this would definitely NOT be a viable business. Unless, of course, I were still dependent on relatives or living with my parents.

If I were charging that same amount (in dollars) while living in a foregin country, then this might allow me to live comfortably depending on the amount of hours worked.

So consider your current living conditions along with all other factors covered in this article so far.

Are You Willing to Compromise Under Certain Circumstances?

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when gauging your blogging service rates. Now let’s see whether you’d be willing to take a small loss depending on the situation:

Hypothetical scenario:
Let’s say that a prospect just posted an ad on a popular job board. He is looking for someone to maintain his blog, mainly writing a weekly 400-word blog post for $100 each.

If you’re deeply knowledgeable about the subject and fear that other candidates may “steal” this opportunity, would you apply and undercut everyone by offering your services for roughly 5% off?

This is where many workers would roll their eyes and ask you not to sell yourself short.

However, this is NOT necessarily about undervaluing your services, but rather about approaching the situation strategically (you’re hardly cutting your prices, while giving the client another reason to consider you aside from your skills / talents).

Just be careful with this, as it can be a slippery slope.

Other Things to Consider

best freelance writing priceWhat are your monthly expenses? This is an obvious one, but some workers are known for jumping the gun without doing the math first.

Don’t forget to put money aside for taxes. It’s generally recommended you put aside 25-30% of your income. This money would cover income taxes and self-employment taxes (think of Social Security and Medicare withholding).

Save money for a rainy day. I used to spend most of my earned income during my early years as a freelancer. These days i always put money aside for low/high priorities, and so should you. Take this into consideration when bidding for your blogging services.

Long Story Short

All in all, consider these takeaways when pricing your services as a blogger, copywriter, or general freelancer in this field:

If this is intended to be a serious, for-profit business while living in an expensive state/country, charge much more than you need to pay the monthly bills. So here’s a straight number: Don’t be afraid to ask for $150-$250 for a single, 600-word article in this case.

If your blogging services are only a passionate side hustle, this is where flexibility and “subjective thinking” comes into play, which makes pricing entirely up to you.

Finally, always try to add some additional, ongoing services such as social media management or content syndication. The sky’s the limit.

Write down all of the above questions and considerations; a satisfactory hourly rate will gradually come to light, I guarantee it.