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How Personal Do Bloggers Need To Be?

Reminding me of a post I did almost a month ago now, Blog Republic has posted an article called “How Personal Do Bloggers Need To Be?” where they bring up the subject and focus on the preference of blogging, between what Darren calls a “game face” and a more public, and emotional look into the writer. I have always been the type to share more of who I am to the public, even publishing details on my family dichotomy, which angered a few of my family members.

I’ve noticed that some of the most popular blogs get into great detail about the author’s life. I mean, they pour over every possible personality quirk, as the author examines herself. I find I don’t want to blog like that. I’m not at all interested in delving into every possible detail of my emotions and psyche at every possible second. Instead, I think of blogging as more of a professional medium where you maintain a “game face”, rather than reveal all of yourself.

While I do understand and respect those that don’t want to delve into personal details about themselves, I do think that it can add personality and energy to a blog, even a more professional or corporate blog. What needs to be taught or focused upon is how to use it correctly, rather than not using it at all. Talking about every minute detail of your life on a more professional blog is just not smart. It can turn away your core audience, but reminding your readers that you do have a family, and can have fun should never be a negative thing.