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How Profitable a Job is SEO?

Desk with Notes About SEO

Digital marketing is a relatively new industry. There is a growing need for businesses to reach out to their target market online.

Among the many ways of doing this, search engine optimization (SEO) is an affordable way to get found by your audience. By observing the best SEO practices, their businesses can rank up the first page of search results for their keyword phrase and get clicked on by people.

Given the demand for this specific service, how much do US businesses compensate SEO specialists?

In a research guide by Conductor, the Director of Marketing position earns the highest salary in the list. Below is a screen grab of their resource.

SEO Jobs and Salary Data 2015 Conductor.pdf

The research guide contains additional information about SEO jobs such as the top 20 cities that handsomely pay SEO employees, trends that reveal growth of SEO market, and more. You can download the free guide by clicking here.

What does this mean for SEO employees?

The figures in this research guide should give you a better understanding on how much you should demand for your services. Also consider the location where the SEO job offer came from to provide the business with a reasonable starting salary.

More importantly, take note of the job titles above and the average salary each receives. If you desire for a higher salary, you need to climb up the SEO ladder.

If you have aspirations of making SEO a career, below are things that you need to learn so you can accelerate your position at a faster rate.

  • Ability to get a website to rank for a search term – This is the most basic skill that every SEO employee must be able to do. In order to achieve this, you should know the best on- and off-page optimization tactics at heart and how to run an effective SEO campaign from the ground up.
  • Knowledge of using SEO tools – Learning how to use the most popular SEO tools such as RavenTools, Moz, and others will give you an advantage in the job market. While these tools are paid, you can register for a free trial and learn the features of each.
  • Ability to conduct a full-scale marketing campaign –  SEO tools are just part of the whole in the scheme of things. If you want a larger salary, you will have to go beyond SEO and into other tasks within digital marketing. By learning about content, social media, email marketing, as well as analytics, you will be able to conduct a measurable marketing campaign to help drive more sales to your employer.
  • Management skills – Once you’ve climbed up the ladder, you will lead a team of SEO to do the tasks you were once doing. The dynamics of a manager position is much different – you must oversee team members in doing their jobs the right way. Therefore, you will have to learn leadership, communication, and collaboration skills, among others, to motivate your team.

Final thoughts: Just like any other job, SEO will require you to branch out from its responsibilities to gain a higher position and a better salary in the market. To get here, you must push yourself to the limit and learn as much as you can.

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