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How to Add More Personality to Your Writing

Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with the need (and routine) of “having to post articles” on schedule. Even if your content is helpful and delivers the goods, it may lack a certain flair that keeps your readers and followers more engaged.

Let’s explore some ways to add more personality to your writing and help take your posts to the next level.

Tell a Story or Share a Quote

Not every blog post should have one, but many of them could use a personal story or quote. After all, your articles pertain to something the reader wishes to learn and/or experience, which (in theory) implies there is a story you can loosely implement somewhere along the way.

Are you writing about web design? Why not tell an amusing story about your humble beginnings back in high school? Perhaps you can explain how great it felt when you learned to add an animated GIF to your “Under Construction” page back in 1999…

A good story helps people relate and understand your article’s concept much better. Try it out!

Speak Directly to the Reader

How would you talk to your best friend about a passionate subject if he was sitting next to you? You would go into detail, make sure your point comes across beautifully, keep him engaged at all costs, and even ask for an opinion here and there…

This is what it takes to add more personality to your writing. If you’re covering any given subject, I would assume that you’re fairly passionate about it. Talk to your readers the same way you would to a friend (these people are also loyal to you, too, after all). Take them on a stimulating ride and blow them away. Include them in your posts as opposed to sounding like a black & white instructional booklet.

Remain Truthful

Don’t be afraid to step on a few toes from time to time as long as you approach the subject objectively.

Do you disagree with another blogger’s teachings? Feel free to express your thoughts and provide constructive criticism. The same applies when inserting all other forms of expression, including humor and skepticism.

Get Personal

Moreover, being able to add more personality to your writing means putting your vulnerability on display. Being an expert on a subject matter includes admitting to your struggles and failures as a blogger.

What drives you to post new articles on a weekly basis? How did you get started and why? What areas about your business genuinely scare you? These are only some of the questions your readers would love to know.


There is nothing wrong with absorbing content the traditional way, but some topics are better left covered through other means. Do you have a very hands-on topic to discuss? Prepare a YouTube video to get your point across more effectively. Do you need to talk about timelines and statistics? Show an interesting infographic.

Use your best judgment when presenting any and all information to your readers. They will love you for it.

Always Acknowledge

Never leave out those who continuously inspire you and give credit to those who deserve it.

Additionally (and this is something not many bloggers are doing) take some time to mention readers who leave insightful comments on your blog. Did someone bring up a good point in last week’s article? Give him a shout out in this week’s post and incorporate his thoughts into it.

What other tips can you provide to add more personality to your writing? Please share them with this wonderful blogging community.

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