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How to Avoid Blogger Burnout

Tips to Help Prevent Blogging Burnout

With all the bells and whistles that go into this business, blogger burnout seems like a terrible and unavoidable thing we must face sooner or later. It may feel like an accident waiting to happen, a perfect cure for insomnia and a compelling reason to decrease consistency.

While it’s nearly impossible to avoid blogger burnout at all times, there are many ways to greatly reduce the chances – and the frequency – in which your mind feels like slacking or quitting on your blog.

We had previously covered some valuable tips on this matter. Now let’s look into these more deeply and implement new strategies to help keep you on top of your exciting, yet never-ending blogging efforts.

Focus Outside Your Niche

Don’t always worry about your niche and target audience. Stepping away from your main line of work and venturing into other subjects can work wonders. Sometimes we get too caught up with learning anything and everything about our niche, slowly clouding our ability to think clearly.

Most people have different passions and interests – what are yours? Keeping updated with other topics can relax you, give you new perspective, and even help you gain new knowledge to implement into your own blog, either directly or indirectly.

Restructure Your Blog Strategy

Maintaining a blog is no easy task, especially when it’s more than a mere hobby. Thankfully you can tweak certain aspects to make your job easier and help avoid blogger burnout as a result.

Does your website receive a lot of comments? Disable them after your posts are two weeks old or perhaps altogether. Are you maintaining too many social network accounts? Focus solely on the ones that give you the best results, at least until you have a better grip on your overall blogging strategy.

Likewise, modify other aspects related to your business in a way that helps ease your efforts while not compromising its integrity, such as the amount of times you send out a newsletter.

Organize Your Routine

I briefly talked about this in a previous article; compartmentalizing your routine can ultimately keep you less overwhelmed, thus helping you avoid blogger burnout.

Does the thought of promoting your latest post, answering comments, composing a newsletter and connecting with others feel like a chore? Well, you’re not alone. Thankfully these tasks don’t have to be painful, not by a long shot. Don’t stop whatever you’re doing to quickly answer the latest question sent to your inbox, no matter how “quickly” and easy the task is.

Create a schedule for everything, no matter how small. When you feel like you’re tending to your blog at all times, the daily grind will most certainly consume you.

Don’t Always Be a Hero

how to blog efficiently

To be more precise, don’t worry about going above and beyond every single time you publish a new blog post. Sure, it’s great when you write 1,500+ words of pure, undeniably awesome knowledge. It’s great when your post gets shared by hundreds or even thousands of readers.

When you notice that a few things don’t go as planned, though, remember that your creations won’t always hit your goals and desires. This is due to many factors including timing, trends, seasonal events among many other things. Learn to pick your battles and don’t lose sleep or work extra hard to make up for a missed opportunity. Rather, take some notes and implement them into your next task in a seamless, realistic manner.

Step Away from it All

This is probably the most common way to get your groove back; you step away from your work, enjoy a day off and come back feeling refreshed. Sadly, not everyone follows this procedure properly as mentioned here a few years ago.

Do you find yourself still checking your work email, reading/answering questions, or brainstorming your next blog post idea while watching TV?

Stop. Stop all of it.

Anything that is even remotely related to work should take a back seat, and a vacation should truly be treated as such. For your brain to truly recover from blogger burnout, you shouldn’t be sending it mixed signals about the impending work ahead.

Ultimately, there is no best way to getting your blogging juices flowing again, as everyone has different coping mechanisms. That said, the above techniques are common and effective enough to point you in the right direction – hopefully a much clearer one for all your blogging needs.

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