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The Secret to Publishing Sought-after, Targeted Content

Publish only the content your audience wants. Every single time.

While niche bloggers naturally focus on relatable subjects, sometimes a topic isn’t very desirable and we end up taking an educated guess at best.

So what if you could always publish the kind of information your target audience is looking for? What if you choose to bring highly targeted traffic to your website rather than posting for the sake of populating your blog?

Google Keyword Planner (and similar tools) are great, but the following can be used as a nice, reliable alternative.

These sources can help you drill down and talk about things that your readers are frequently interested in. How? Easy: We’re going to achieve this by searching for common questions. This means less guessing and more desirable content.

Though you shouldn’t necessarily dedicate a full article to a certain subject, it’s always a good idea to at least include it as part of your blog post.

Let’s dig in.

Study Niche Forums

business-926221_640Even if you don’t frequent forums very often, it’s easy to spot those questions that pop up on a regular basis. Simply perform a search for a broad keyword/phrase, and you’ll immediately see a lot of repeat (or similar) discussions started fairly often.

In some blogging or marketing forums, for example, it’s not uncommon to see questions like, “How did you make your first dollar online” as well as, “What would you do differently as a blogger if you had to start over?”

Assess how popular or hot the topic is based on replies and their overall length. Do these discussions tend to create heated and passionate conversations?

Once you find a good candidate, request to interview fellow people in your niche and gather their answers to compose one long, interesting post. Sources like MyBlogU are perfect for interviewing and surveying people. Give it a try!

Stalk Q&A Communities

Think of sources like Quora, Yahoo Answers and People are curious about any given subject – big and small – which makes these places ideal to bring targeted traffic to your website.

You certainly don’t want to answer every single question you come across, of course. However, a site-wide search can help you gauge their overall usefulness depending on how often they get asked. Look for other signs of popularity such as the number of votes or “Likes.”

Leverage Reddit

Reddit has truly become the frontpage of the internet. With countless categories to choose from (known as sub-reddits) it’s virtually impossible to run out of potential discussions and answers for your blog posts.

Let’s take a look at a particular sub called Explain Like I’m Five (ELI5) for example. This community’s sole purpose is to answer burning or otherwise curious questions. Same goes for another sub called Ask Reddit – and let’s not forget more targeted sections pertaining to your specific niche (such as /r/Entrepreneur and /r/Blogging).

Depending on the sub-reddit in question, you can actually sort by popularity, number of votes, comment count, and much more.

Pro tip: Want even more results? Post your own questions to something that’s already been asked. If it’s an open-ended question, you will likely get brand new answers.

Uber Suggest

This hidden gem gathers every single search string you would normally find at the bottom of Google’s search results, such as this one:

targeted traffic to your website

It allows you to view and save commonly searched terms from a single, highly convenient location. This translates into a monumental tool to help bring targeted traffic to your website.

Go to Uber Suggest and start your search in the form of a question, such as “How can I” or “What is the difference.” The only limit here is your imagination.

To maximize your organic reach once a post is finally published, insert many of your chosen questions into Google Keyword Planner and assess your findings. Finally, modify/add/remove a few as indicated by the platform, depending on overall monthly searches and competition.

Search Google for Questions

A similar tactic to get targeted traffic to your website involves searching for a relatively broad question on Google. For example, a search for “Most common questions about” gives me results relating to interviews, gardening, cooking, and much more.

If these topics are popping up on the first few pages, it’s safe to say they are fairly popular. You may ultimately not be able to rank your own blog post, but don’t worry too much about that; as long as you’re building a healthy email list and leverage social media, you’re going to be just fine.

Final Words

Modify your questions according to topic, niche or market, and then compose the most kick-ass articles based on the answers you find.

The above gets even better when you implement Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique, which involves composing a much better (or definitive) version of existing articles available on the Web.

How do you personally leverage information to bring targeted traffic to your website? How are you finding laser-targeted topics for your blog?

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