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How To Catch up on Your Problogging

Over on Bloggers 4 Hire, there is a post talking about the simple things you can do to get caught up, if you fall behind in your blogging. It is a typical problem. Life can get in the way, and you won’t meet the quota you’ve agreed upon. You can get caught up though. It just takes a little extra elbow grease.
From the article:

First thing to do is see exactly how far behind you are. When I’m behind I try to just double up on posts. Now if you’re really behind, then you might have to triple up, but I wouldn’t go more than three posts a day. Also don’t post them all at once. Spread them out over the day (morning, noon, night for three- morning and noon for two). WordPress lets you do this easily in the post editing area (change Timestamp).

One of the best things you can do I have found is turn off all the distractions. If you take away what distracts you, then you can focus in, and get into what I call “the zone”, a mindset where content just flows from your fingers. You then spread it out using the built-in ability to set future post releases. I also keep some in reserve during times where I am really productive, in case I need an hour or a day off, I can set them to appear.
There are many tricks and tips to getting caught up, but sometimes the simplest one is the best, “burning the midnight oil” like the post recommends.