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How to concentrate on Writing

Matthew Stibbe, from Bad Language, has a great post up which is a simple list of things to do to help you concentrate on writing. I, myself, have been having issues bunkering down and getting both work related and personal writing done, and so this is as much a resource and reminder for myself as it is for your benefit.

  • Switch off email.
  • Isolate myself.
  • Greed and guilt.
  • Stop with the blog already.
  • Get up early.
  • Little treats.
  • Chunking.
  • Go full screen.
  • Shitty first draft.
  • Change location.

Since writing on blogs is where I write, and I am not a morning person, there are two points in the list that I don’t agree with, but the overall list is sound and hopefully it will help me get the concentration I need to find to get my long list of work done.
For the details that go along with each point, check out Bad Language.