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5 Reasons Your Blog is Not Getting Sales Leads

How to Generate More Leads for Your Blog

When you think about it, a blog isn’t necessarily a direct way to make money on its own – not in the conventional sense, at least. Your website is merely a vehicle that helps drive visitors to any given action you wish them to take.

Money is usually the primary reason most people operate a blog (excluding those who blog only for passion). Unfortunately results don’t always come as expected, no matter how great your blog might look and feel.

Here’s how to generate more leads for your blog by modifying various features on your site and within your newsletter.

1. Your Mailing List Strategy Needs a Makeover

If you’re a blogger, chances are that you already have a mailing list set up for people to sign up. The problem often lies in the type of incentive you offer to new and existing visitors.

Unless your content is truly top-notch and addictive, you won’t get many signups if you only offer the latest blog posts via email. Additionally, don’t just offer a generic free guide on “How to make money” or something overly boring. Instead, add a small twist with something like, “How to Make $1,000 in 7 Days Flat” — as long as your guide follows through on that promise, of course.

Whatever you do, make sure your mailing list is actually worth signing up to. The best way is usually to put yourself in your visitor’s shoes.

Speaking of mailing lists…

2. Your Optin Form is Not Very Visible

It’s quite common to show an email subscription form on your blog’s sidebar; sadly, that’s as far as many bloggers take it.

There’s nothing wrong with providing a default optin box at the bottom of your articles (or even in the middle) and this is typically not too intrusive. In fact, it is no different than having an author bio showing up along with every piece of content you publish.

To take it one step further, consider turning your homepage primarily into a squeeze page (entrepreneurs like Brian Dean do this with great success).

Simply click “Settings>Reading” from your WordPress blog. Then, select to show a static page from the front page option and choose your desired squeeze page from the dropdown menu at hand.

3. You’re Not Staying in Touch

convert blog visitors

Converting people into sales leads comes in stages, and getting visitors to sign up is just one of them. On the other hand, sending a half-hearted email every two months is certainly not how to generate more leads for your business whatsoever.

Prepare a “continuity plan” by scheduling various auto-responders (as well as real-time newsletters) to be sent out at least once per week. Make it a combination of your latest posts, exclusive advice, and occasionally checking up on your prospects with a more trivial message.

Needless to say, the majority of your emails should be about helping others, while promoting the occasional relevant offer in between.

4. You Are Too Passive

Maintaining a blog these days is only half the battle. The rest consists of putting yourself out there to ensure prospects come to you. Merely tweeting your latest post just won’t cut it anymore, and neither is sending the occasional email to your subscribers. You must approach several content promotion efforts simultaneously, including:

Niche forum commenting
Niche blog commenting
Guest posts
Distributing your content on lesser appreciated networks such as SlideShare
Converting your written content into videos, then uploading them to various multimedia websites (not just YouTube).

Be more active with your blogging approach to gradually convert more sales leads.

5. Your Call to Action Sucks

Don’t be afraid to tell blog readers what to do, as we often need a reminder to actually sign up to a newsletter or check out any given product or service on your website.

Promoting or showcasing your goodies on the sidebar might get you the occasional results, but not nearly as much as being blunt to your readers. They are on your website because they like what they see, after all; kindly (but firmly) tell them to sign up, pay up, comment, or do whatever else you wish them to perform.

The amount of tweaks depends on each individual blogger, of course, but the above are common mishaps that effectively prevent bloggers from getting a higher conversion rate.

Your turn: Look into your current blog setup, analyze the things you could improve upon, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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