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How to Get Free Content for Your Blog

Get free content for your blog without compromising its quality.

It’s no secret that running and maintaining a blog is a lot of work. Coming up with fresh, unique content on your own can be a daunting task, especially as traffic (and expectations) increase.

That being said, you can successfully deliver high-quality content to your readers without necessarily creating it yourself. Did I also mention you can obtain it without spending a single dollar?

Here are some creative ways to get free content for your blog.

Content Syndication

Can you believe content syndication is still a thing? That’s right; this means that you’re reposting previously-published material on your blog, either with permission or through the Fair Use doctrine.

While this type of content won’t necessarily rank on search engines, they would still provide immense value to your readers. This information would still go out to your newsletter subscribers and social media channels, not to mention any manual promotion you implement as well.

Content syndication helps keep your blog fresh while not having to worry about composing brand new material every single week – and all for free.

Note, however, that originality is often the better option. Rely on content syndication sparingly.

Embed Someone Else’s Material

get free contentBloggers normally embed videos and images within their website, but they’re usually part of a larger article as opposed to forming the post itself.

How about dedicating a blog post to the best videos within your niche once in a while? For example, listing the top 10 TED videos for aspiring solopreneurs. Many have leveraged video sources to get free content without compromising the blog’s quality.

Likewise, a “viral content website” may use a series of animated GIFs from sites such as Giphy. This is often related to something humorous, and the blog post may consist entirely of images with the occasional written note in between.

Don’t forget that many other things can be embedded, including infographics, presentation slides, PDF files, and anything else that carries proper permissions.

Content Roundups

Roundup posts can spark a lot of creativity. TechDirt, a website dedicated to business and technological concerns, often posts the most insightful comments of the week from their readers. Have you ever considered doing something similar on your blog?

Roundups may also consist of gathering your very best articles throughout the month, or those from external blogs. There is also a hidden benefit to this: The ability to form a working relationship with those you link to.

Just about anything that’s published elsewhere can be rounded up into a nice, robust blog post. Imagination is key.

Use Your Camera

get free articlesMany bloggers get free content by relying on their handy cameras as necessary.

A recipe blog may occasionally publish the most delicious foods you should try. This could be a compilation of pictures the blogger took throughout the month while cooking or while coincidentally trying out a new restaurant.

The same can be said about travel bloggers and others who own a highly visual blog. These people understand that a little creativity packs a big punch (as long as you don’t go out of your way to obtain such images, of course).

Offer Great Benefits

This last section is comparable to guest blogging, but not quite…

If you provide people with amazing benefits, many will gladly become regular contributors as opposed to one-time bloggers.

Note that such benefits are purely subjective and thus, you must ensure they are attractive to your target audience. If successful, you could slowly build a small army of reliable contributors and get free content as a result.

You may offer them some ad revenue, a small advertising spot, or guaranteed promotion via newsletter if it’s large and highly responsive. Find what works best for a potential contributor and help each other out.


While the majority of your blog content should derive solely from your own head, there is nothing wrong with relying on the above on occasion. Can you list other ways to get free content for your blog? Please share your ideas below!

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