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How to Get White Hat Backlinks for Your Blog

Your blog won’t get that far if you don’t build backlinks to it

This is a way to inform search spiders that people can trust your site.

By building lots of links from well-respected websites related to your niche, your site gains authority and high SERP rankings for your keyword. You will need a SERP rank tracker to monitor your position on Google and see if your link building campaign is working.

However, you need to make sure you’re building Google-compliant links so you won’t get burned later when the search engine undergoes core algorithm updates later.

Therefore, below are ways on how to get white hat backlinks to generate more organic traffic.

Skyscraper Technique

The best way to generate backlinks for your blog is to create the best posts in your niche. If you can conjure content about a topic that is better than your competitors, then websites will link to yours instead of them.

To do this, you must follow the Skyscraper Technique of creating content.

Coined by Brian Dean in 2014, this refers to gathering the best articles published by sites about a topic and taking the best parts of each to create an even better one.

The easiest way to do this is by combing through the first page of SERPs for your target keyword and figuring out the best parts of each. Cover as much ground about the topic using the information from the published posts.

However, be mindful of the search intent of the keyword. Don’t include information just because you can find them on other pages. Make sure that the content makes sense in relation to why people will search for the keyword.

Brain took note of this in his second iteration of the Skyscraper Technique and it worked wonders for him:

skyscraper technique 2.0

Finally, format the posts similar to the top-performing pages. The fact that they’re ranking for your target keywords means that they are doing something right from a content standpoint.

Blogger Outreach

Once you hit publish on your Skyscraper Technique, you will probably have to wait before people can see it on SERPs and link to it. In fact, it could probably take years, depending on how competitive the target keyword is.

While waiting for this to happen, it’s best to go out of your way and email your content to your audience, in particular bloggers in the same space as you.

Here’s an example of blogging outreach in action:

blogger outreach example

Reaching out to bloggers who aren’t direct competitors is a good way to let people know you exist. When done correctly, you can get people to link to your content.

However, this only happens if you build a relationship with bloggers over time. Reaching out to them via email is the first step.

From here, keep engaging with them by commenting on their posts, sharing them on social media, and others. The idea is to get into the headspace of your target bloggers so they remember you once you pitch for linking to your Skyscraper content.

Another approach is the shotgun method. Instead of focusing on certain bloggers, you can send emails to lots of bloggers all at once using a tool like Mailshake. And instead of slowly but surely building a relationship with each, you go straight to the jugular by asking a link for your content.

The idea here is to play the numbers game. This type of blogger outreach may not work if you send it to hundreds of people. However, if you can conjure up to thousands of prospects, you could convert at least one from those bloggers into a link pointing to your site.

Broken Link Building

If a site has a resource page that links to pages similar to the content you’ve created, this method is a good way to get your foot in the door.

To do this, find resource pages relevant to your industry with links that point to 404 pages. You can find them using the Nofollow Chrome extension to hunt down broken links.


This shows an error because the site either deleted or unpublished the content. It could also be because the page is now accessible with a different URL, but the site owner forgot to redirect the links.

Either way, this is an opportunity for you to reach out to the site owner and inform them they have a broken link that they need to remove or update.

Regarding updating, you can suggest your link to replace the broken one.

The beauty with this approach is you immediately get in the minds of site owners by identifying an error they must fix in their site.

At the same time, there’s a good chance they will link to your site for the good deed you’ve done. It’s a win-win on both sides!

Unlinked Mentions

This is another form of blogger outreach where you email people who mentioned your blog in their post but didn’t link back to your site.

The likelihood of them linking back after your email isn’t very high. However, it’s worth a shot since they indicated your blog name on their web page.

Maybe it’s an oversight made by the author, and your email will nudge him or her to do the right thing.

Hire Someone!

The tasks above are effective ways to get white hat backlinks to your blog.

At the same, they are also time-consuming and resource-intensive. You need to allot time to gather prospects, create custom emails for each depending on the method you’ll use, and send them the emails either one-by-one or using an outreach tool.

From here, you have to set up follow up emails to increase your reply rates. Even then, you’ll have to stay and keep in touch with them until they secure the link on your site.

Now, if you don’t have the time to worry about this, you can always delegate this to a link building service. It will take care of the heavy lifting – all you must worry about are the results!


As mentioned, getting backlinks naturally is doable if you have the right system in place. From the methods above, you can develop a strategy to ensure that you get the most links for your site as possible.

It’s best to have someone help you gather the link prospects and facilitate the outreach campaign since you’ll be busy on the blogging side of things. Better way, you can always give the reins to a service provider that you can trust.

Either way, getting backlinks are crucial to the success of your blog. It’s not a matter of whether you’ll do it – it’s about how soon you can start.

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