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How to Leverage Reddit for Traffic and Blog Exposure

Reddit is one of the most trafficked websites on the planet, bringing well over one billion visitors to the platform each month.

We had previously discussed how to use Reddit for blog post ideas. But how can you also leverage Reddit for traffic and overall exposure?

Today’s article focuses on helping you achieve massive success as a blogger with the help of this popular online community.

Option One: Create Your Own Subreddit

I personally love the idea of owning and managing my own subreddit. This essentially enables you to create a community that you can call your own.

You may also do virtually anything with it, which means it’s nearly impossible to get banned — unless you break a major site-wide rule.

Simply click “Create Community” from the main Reddit homepage, on the sidebar:

reddit for traffic exposure

Main Benefits

Make Your Own Rules

As the headline states, you’re free to make up your own guidelines. This means you can make them work in your favor (to drive more website traffic) just by getting creative with them.

For example, you could choose to not let any members post discussions or links, leaving you as the only person exclusively posting content, which keeps it from being buried among other random threads from others.

The above example works well on my own subreddit, where I exclusively post remote jobs that link to my own website fairly often.

Post Anything You Wish, as Often as You Wish

Imagine owning a subreddit with a thriving community, all while posting virtually anything you want as often as you darn please…

This is the equivalent of driving traffic to your website on demand, as long as you keep posting quality content that is tailored to your followers.

This also works well with news-related websites or any property that you regularly update, as it gives you an opportunity to create / share a new Reddit post frequently.

Leverage Your Subreddit’s Homepage

Your subreddit homepage holds a lot of power, as you can publish a few “sticky” posts that stay stuck to the top. As your subreddit grows, more people will naturally click said sticky post.

Let’s say your sticky post is meant to explain certain rules or technicalities in much more detail…

If you have a weightloss blog, you could explain 99% of everything within that post itself, but ultimately place a link back to your website. This could be for any reason at all, such as showing fellow redditors a sensitive image or some hard data to back up the sticky post.

You may also place an affiliate link among other, non-affiliate links within said post. The sky’s the limit.

Remember this is your own subreddit, so practice flexibility as long as you’re not blatantly begging people to click your links.

How to Grow Your Own Subreddit

traffic from redditHaving your own subreddit is nice and all, but how could we possibly grow it?! This is actually not too hard, so I won’t spend much time in this section…

I have personally grown subreddits merely by messaging fellow redditors who are natural fits for my community.

For example: You own a gaming news website. After creating a brand new subreddit, simply visit other (existing) subreddits where passionate gamers hang out…

Send them a private message asking if they would like to join your new subreddit. The trick here is to sound humble and not to come across as some desperate spammer. For instance:

Bad private message:
“Hey, I just created this new subreddit about the latest gaming news. Please join!!!”

Good private message:
“Hi [username], how’s it going buddy?
As a fellow subscriber of [existing subreddit], I couldn’t help but notice your frequent contributions over there.

Anyway, that subreddit got me tempted to create my own, since i’m very passionate about the gaming world in general.

Do you mind subscribing, by any chance? It’s actually brand new, so it’s hard to grow it as you can imagine, lol…

Either way, thanks for reading and take care, bud.”

The above works wonders; many people will ignore you, but many others will happily join. Trust me.

Option 2: Leverage Existing Subreddits

Many people prefer to simply take advantage of existing communities because the traffic and engagement is already there.

However, there is an insane amount of steps to follow to avoid getting banned from said communities. Don’t worry, though, as these are pretty easy and you should execute them like second nature anyway.

Search for niche subreddits by using the website’s default Search bar. A general search for “flowers” will display various subreddits related to that keyword, for instance.

Follow the Rules

If you’re reading this article, chances are you already know that every subreddit has its own rules. Ensure that you respect them without exception, it’s as simple as that.

Refer to the subreddit’s sidebar (on the right) to learn its guidelines.

Build a Reputation First

Once you choose which subreddits to leverage for traffic, don’t start posting links to your blog just yet. Not even if your links sound “natural” and make for a great resource. DO NOT be tempted so early on.

You must first build a solid reputation by participating in other people’s posts and being fairly helpful over a few weeks, depending on how often you contribute.

Also, please avoid cookie-cutter advice, as this leads people to lose respect for you over time.

Since you’re (hopefully) passionate about the niche you’re involved in, coming up with meaningful conversations should be relatively easy.

Keep Your Account / Posts Varied

Here’s another thing: Redditors can be extremely knowledgeable and confrontational if necessary.

If anyone notices that you only keep contributing within a certain community, they may call you out publicly if they feel you’re up to no good.

In other words, they may claim that you’re only contributing in order to build a reputation and make it easier to promote yourself in the future.

Since this could be true, you should really join Reddit for multiple reasons that go far beyond self-serving purposes. Reddit is a diverse community where many topics are shared and discussed, so take the time to participate in other subreddits of interest (that are NOT related to your blog niche).

Talk Like a Human

Reddit is strictly a community where everyone is *very* human. People will quickly call you out for sounding spammy or simply for not putting in much effort to move the community forward, generally speaking.

If you ever start a discussion on a niche subreddit, it’s important to sound as naturally human as possible. For example:

Bad discussion headline:
How to Massively Grow Your Mailing List

Good discussion headline:
Somehow I Increased My Subscribers By 69% After Following the Methods Mentioned in this Subreddit. Thanks Guys!

Can you see how natural and human the second version sounds?

Rarely Promote Yourself

The way you handle Reddit can make or break your success. Ensure that 9 out of ten posts are not related to self-promotion whatsoever, leaving any mention of your blog only for rare occasions.

This is why it’s important to join the community and develop a genuine interest in it, as this will make the wait (to promote something) much more tolerable.

When you do finally mention your blog, it needs to sound natural and not completely out of left field. For example, if someone asks for blog theme recommendations, you could reply with:

“I personally use the Extreme-Blogging Theme for my main blog ( As you can see, the theme organizes my posts neatly and even allows me to eliminate the sidebar altogether.”

Use Reddit to Uncover Rumors and Trends

Lastly, remember that Reddit is overflowing with news, rumors, speculation, and all sorts of discussions. This makes for a great source to help keep your website updated.

If you own a traditional marketing blog, for instance, follow multiple subreddits that are somewhat related to your blog and learn about new topics from there…

This would then help you create a website article and subsequently share it on a subreddit you wish to leverage for traffic. See how that works?


Reddit is undeniably a beast when it comes to promoting opportunities and obtaining blog traffic; you simply have to abide by certain guidelines or be willing to grow your own community. The question now is, which option will you choose?