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How to Make Money Selling Info Products

Make Money Selling Info Products: One-off Sales and Membership Structure

Today I would like to talk about a very popular subject: How to make money online – plain and simple. But not just pennies or enough income for gas…

I am referring to real, substantial, eye-popping income that could change your life and that of your loved ones. So let’s forget the latest trends and trying to reinvent the wheel; instead I’d like to focus on something that is old as dirt, but still highly effective to this day.

Let’s get started and look at ways to make money selling info products consistently.

The Key to True Online Success

It all begins with identifying your market, along with their interests. This much should be obvious, so I won’t get into this part…

Once you do the above, one of the best ways to make a substantial income is by selling a product — but not just any cheap product, so let’s look at this in more detail…

Targeting a Subject of Interest

Identifying “a need” is actually easier than most people realize, and most of us are already familiar (or consider ourselves experts) in a certain field.

For example:
Can you cook a certain way?
Do you have superb golfing skills?
Can you craft like a pro?
Can you provide excellent dating advice?
Perhaps you’re good with natural remedies?
Can you provide great advice on social anxiety?
Are you a blogging guru?

You get the point. No matter how minor or “insignificant” you think a skill may be, there will always be someone out there who needs your help. Keep that mind.

That said, avoid starting a product based on something that (virtually) nobody is interested in. If your competition is fairly high, then this is a great indicator.

Other initial research may involve browsing communities based on your expertise. Does the subject matter come up frequently? What types of questions are being asked?

Developing the Product

sell your own products

Now it’s time to actually develop a course out of your interest and expertise. In my opinion, this is one of the toughest steps about this process, as it requires you to really, really milk every ounce of detail you can in order to create a worthy guide. Needless to say, this is the most important part to help you make money selling info products without fail.

Ideally, you may want to divide it into several parts by creating more than one guide. If you’re an expert on social anxiety, you can cover topics that explain why anxiety happens, how you managed to overcome it, provide live interviews, and even record yourself talking to strangers [I am not an expert in this field, but you get the picture].

By the time you’re done with a series of guides, you should be so proud of it that you, yourself would happily purchase it if it was sold by someone else.

Pro tip: During the creation process, visit public forums and survey people to learn about their needs and wants, even if you’re already well-versed on the subject.

Be Insanely Selfless

The most important piece of this puzzle (during and after the creation of your product) is to build an impressive amount of trust and authority. To do this, you should:

Build a blog: The blog will gradually help people recognize you by having a property online. Post the occasional blog post and make it very relatable to others.

Build a mailing list: Aside from the occasional article, your blog will also host a mailing list for people to subscribe and get the latest details from you.

Join relevant online communities: Contribute to several online forums and provide nothing short of helpful, actionable advice. This is where your audience is hanging out and actively looking for help.

They will gradually see you as an authoritative figure, and some will click on your signature link and/or other links you provide. However, don’t jump the gun and get desperate for clicks. Simply join these communities because you, too, have an interest in the subject matter. Your followers will come naturally.

A few places to hang out (consistently) include:

Yahoo Answers
Reddit (look for an appropriate sub-reddit)
Google search: “Niche topic + forum”

Obvious note: Don’t spam these places and respect their rules.

Most people will already have some level of trust thanks to your forum efforts as detailed above, but this won’t be enough. Let’s move onto the next section…

Making the Sale

make money selling info products

Perhaps most importantly, the way to make money selling info products relies heavily on building trust.

Do this through your list and continue interacting on relevant communities, and gradually introduce them to the Holy Grail they had been searching for all along: The guide (s) you had previously created.

By now, a small portion of them will happily pay to resolve their problem, but here’s the fun part…..

Charge What You’re Worth

Even if you make money selling info products, the key here is to make a substantial amount each month.

This is the step that will ultimately make you or break you. Remember, the point of this article is not for you to make a small side income, but rather to help you make enough money that you could easily quit a high-paying job with ease.

People often underprice their products due to fear of failure or judgment. What if I get a ton of emails insulting me and calling me a scammer? What if I get inundated with refunds? These are only some of the many questions that often invade your mind…

It’s easy to underestimate the value of a solution to an ongoing problem, so don’t settle for a $5 product. Rather, start in the triple digits – especially if you have an entire course available that walks the user from “Point A all the way to Point Z.”

Recommended: Build a Membership Around Your Product

You can either sell your product as a one-time fee, or expand it to create a membership around it.

Reasonable income example, based on a membership model:
Three-month social anxiety series – This would consist of weekly guides, interviews, and live scenarios for a grand total of $499.

An average of seven people join each month, bringing you $3,493 in monthly revenue.

Create a second course based on a different subject, potentially doubling your monthly income (if time allows).

In the case of several courses, I personally suggest you build a “Finite membership” that lasts anywhere from one to 12 months (providing weekly or monthly guides).

Why a limited membership? Because people will see an eventual conclusion – an ending, a graduation date – thus increasing the odds that more will stick around and not leave before they’re done.

Here’s an excellent article by Yaro Starak that talks more about memberships.

Other Notes:

Even if a solution is already available for free online, don’t let this stop you from selling. Everything is freely available online (even pornography) and people still pay if it means obtaining a better experience out of it.

If your niche is somewhat crowded, don’t be tempted to sell for a lower price in order to compete. Instead, practice the “Skyscraper technique” (courtesy of Brian Dean) by developing an even better course than the other guys.

Remember perceived value and don’t be afraid to ask for what you feel the product is worth. People have a need, and you have the goods.


Identify your market, making sure it’s large enough
Think of a product
Develop it (PDF guides, videos, or both)
Build a blog around it
Join several communities
Build trust

Final Thoughts

This very subject is actually gigantic. I can still go over sales funnels, one-time offers, affiliates, and much more. But the above gives you a general idea about making a substantial income online.

Can you provide additional tips to make money selling info products – especially as a membership package? I would love to read your thoughts.

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