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How to Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines

Darren Rowse went all out in a recent post on optimizing your blog for search engines. His post is around four of five times the length of most of his posts and looks at every angle as in depth as possible without being overly technical. If you are gearing up for the holiday season and want to give your blog the best chance as possible, this article is definitely required reading.

Why SEO?
When you are looking online for information on a topic where do you go first?
While I’m sure there will be a variety of answers given to that question – the majority of average web users would answer with one word – ‘Google’.
Every day Search Engines like Google send many millions of web users to websites in their index. While there are plenty of Web 2.0 web indexing services around that are increasing in popularity – the fact is that search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN are still the biggest source of traffic to websites on the web.
As a result – learning how to be indexed and ranked well by them seems like a no brainer.

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