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How to Predict Trends and Leverage Business Opportunities

Bloggers generally love to leverage new ways of presenting information, and rightfully so. This is the reason why “Listicles” became popular, as well as the constant use of the word “Hacks” in today’s online articles.

Today I would like to look into business predictions when it comes to blogging and general online marketing. The following applies to entrepreneurs who enjoy creating content, products and services around new and sustainable opportunities.

Let’s discuss how to predict trends and implement them for huge success.

Identify What’s Useful

There are trivial trends, and then there are useful trends. The former generally leads to short-lived hype, which you should avoid unless you’re looking to cash in without any consideration for long-term success. The latter, though, can potentially change your life and the life of others.

Here’s an example…

In the case of blogging and working from home, more and more companies are now hiring remote contractors. As a result, job aggregators and exclusive boards are becoming quite useful for freelance writers and other workers.

Keep an eye on the interests of people and general industries, then offer a way to leverage these seemingly subtle needs.

Ask Questions

Always ponder what society wants within a specific industry or as a whole. We are always seeking new ways of doing things, after all.

Perfect examples include the rise of Pinterest and Instagram. They emerged because we are currently in a very visual era, and we have smartphones and the internet to thank for that.

What are other things we are almost obsessed with that also seem to be here to stay?

Simplify Existing Products and Services

Twitter simplified feeds and status updates by limiting them to 140 characters. Likewise, most of the “communication” on Snapchat is done through images. Whether snapping a photo is simpler than typing remains largely subjective, people are performing a task in a quick and fun manner nonetheless.

In another example, the Buffer service made it easier for bloggers to share content on social media, knowing how many networks we enjoy using.

Look into industries suffering from overly-complicated procedures. How can you alleviate the pain?

Read… a Lot

how to identify trends

Those who read regularly have a greater chance to catch emerging trends or things that are perceived as “cool.” Remember how awesome those Twilight vampire books were to teens? While this is slowly dying down, it is by no means a temporary craze.

Gather subtle clues from articles in your industry and highlight common patterns, then implement them into your business (whether it’s a blog or a service).

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Simply put, this means keeping your enemies closer and analyzing things you do not normally look into. This allows you to explore opposing views that you would otherwise be blind to.

Examples include observing new technologies and new ways of presenting data (look into television, webpage designs, and so on.)

From there, you could more easily establish a highly educated blog on the matter or go as far as creating new services pertaining to your findings.

Explore Other Cultures and Countries

Wondering how to predict trends in an exciting way? Realize that we often choose to live in a bubble.

We have a nasty habit of only staying informed about things within our country of residence.

Did you know that a lot of gadgets and “cool” lifestyles are shockingly popular in other parts of the world? How would a domestic audience feel about being introduced to them? If you can add a slight twist to make it more relatable to your demographic, you could potentially bring about massive success to yourself and others.

Thus, look into foreign websites that cover business, technology, and news. You could become responsible for spotting – and bringing – something gorgeously useful to your territory.

Final Thoughts

As briefly stated in my introduction, invest your time into sustainable opportunities rather than something temporary, which is discussed in more detail in this other blog post. This helps ensure continued success and, in some cases, it sets you up as an authoritative figure.

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