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How to Promote a Lifestyle Blog Successfully

Have you ever considered a lifestyle blog but fear this space might be too crowded and competitive? Well, i’ve got good and bad news for you…

The bad news is that you’re absolutely right; the amount of lifestyle blogs out there can be overwhelming…

The good news is that you can promote your lifestyle blog and stand out from the crowd with the right mixture of engagement and risk-taking.

Let’s discuss.

Lifestyle Blog Benefits

promote a lifestyle blog

Owning a successful lifestyle blog opens the doors to various monetary and otherwise beneficial opportunities.

Affiliate product placements: Considering lifestyle topics can be broad, this allows you to promote an endless amount of products as an affiliate.

Sponsored posts: Companies may be interested in sponsoring your content for a price, depending on your overall influence.

Freebies: Corporations and various brands may also send you free products to review, which you may then consume or resell. If you’re lucky, you could even stay at certain attractive spots free of charge in exchange for some exposure.

The above can be achieved even if your blog doesn’t have a large following, as companies generally take the potential return of investment into account. If you stay in a hotel for 3 days, for example, this could translate to a handful of room sales even if your blog only consists of ~9,000 monthly readers.

Things to Keep in Mind

A lifestyle blog is rather broad and vague. Topics may include health, mindfulness, travel, food, a way of life (such as frugal living), and more.

It’s generally suggested you niche down unless you plan to publish often enough to cover so many potential topics. You may otherwise hire an additional writer or open up your blog to guest posts.

Furthermore, if you’re passionate about drastically different things, I suggest you create different blogs for those topics. While “travel, food, and photography” could go hand in hand, you may need to place odd interests on a separate website as these would serve a different audience.

How to Grow Your Lifestyle Blog

grow lifestyle website

Keep Topics Well Balanced

Simply put, cover a healthy range of topics without neglecting others, which could ultimately stagnate blogging growth. Remember that your lifestyle blog will likely cover different things, so it’s important to provide a well-rounded experience for readers.

If you publish two consecutive articles on dressing nicely, your third article might talk about being well-groomed (haircut styles, shaving advice, and so on).

Leverage Visual Assets

Lifestyle blogs tend to be very visual in nature, since readers love to see what you’re teaching as opposed to just reading about it.

An article about “hidden vacation spots” should include plenty of large, clickable images. You should also embed existing YouTube videos or upload your own.

This makes your blog much more attractive, especially as people have learned to consume content through more visual means (thanks to the rise of social media).

Social Media Platforms Are a Must

Social media is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to lifestyle topics. Yes, every article you’ve ever read suggests the use of social media, but they’re written in a way that makes them sound 100% optional…

When it comes to lifestyle blogging, however, social media would make your blog immensely successful if you treat it more seriously than the blog itself.

Remember what I said above: People have learned to consume content through visual means more than anything. It is also well-known that society is naturally drawn to anything that’s attractive and beautiful (people, places, and things).

This means that your Instagram should be maintained pretty often with gorgeous imagery, as well as your YouTube or TikTok account (you do NOT need all three of them). Whichever one you pick, however, needs to be taken *very* seriously.

Plus, remember what I said about sponsorships earlier in this article? Lifestyle brands tend to love an active social account, so don’t ever take these platforms for granted.

Be Willing to Invest / Spend Money

invest in your blog

While you can certainly grow a lifestyle blog without spending, chances are you’ll bring it to new heights by investing a few dollars in smart ways.

For instance, spend a minimum of $20 per month on Instagram to push your content to a new audience. That amount could help you gain a handful of followers which you’ll then convert into blog readers and email subscribers.

Speaking of investment, there is also a neat way to grow your mailing list much faster than giving away a free guide, which is usually what most bloggers offer as an incentive…

The trick: Do the occasional contest / giveaway and grant prizes only to email subscribers.

For example: Consider a monthly $25 card to a beauty/clothing store only available to email subscribers. You may pick one winner at random or have them perform a simple action to participate.

The above can really expedite your growth while also building a real sense of authenticity and attachment, which ultimately translates to success on your end. But again, you should really consider investing (taking risks) to grow in this industry.

Engage & Connect

Your lifestyle blog may grow, but numbers mean nothing without engagement. The best way to help readers fall in love with you is to cater to them as much as possible — and not just by providing useful information in your articles.

So, in addition to showering readers with contests and giveaways (as explained above), be sure to include them in the conversation as much as possible.

Did a reader leave a useful comment in your blog or social media profile? Then quote this person (and give credit) in your next blog post.

Wish to take engagement to the next level? Publish a monthly blog post consisting of images sent in by your readers. Maybe your female readers can send in photos showing off their makeup skills. Or perhaps readers can submit pictures of their minimalist home office if your blog focuses on frugal living.

Are You Getting the Big Picture?

That last bit (above) should get your creative juices flowing, as your blog could be largely based on your readers as opposed to merely publishing traditional articles week after week like a mindless robot.

So once again, no matter how seemingly saturated the lifestyle space may be, you can still have a massively successful blog by investing the right amount of time and money, all while including readers right into the mix.