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How to Reach Your Blogging Goals in 2021

Reach your blogging goals. Blog like you mean it.

Let’s face it: Many bloggers don’t truly believe they can actually make it big (that is, making a full-time income or receiving an overwhelming amount of engagement).

And who could blame the average blogger? Considering we have over 500 million blogs to date, it’s easy to subconsciously believe that you’ll ultimately fail.

We also know how insanely difficult obtaining organic traffic can be. So, what can we possibly do to develop a “can do” mentality?

Today’s article focuses on ways to finally crush your blogging goals in 2021 and far beyond this date.

Note, however, that the following strategies require that you acknowledge some harsh realities. Let’s get started.

Reframing Your Approach

reach blogging goalsThere’s a reason new blogs still manage to get off the ground, as well as new YouTube channels and other social media accounts (even if they tackle saturated niches). But how do they do it, exactly?

Simply put, this is where treating your blog like a business comes in, or viewing your success as if your very life depends on it. We’ll cover this in more detail below.

First you must ask yourself, what is your ultimate goal?

Is money your primary objective? Or maybe to grow a loyal audience that is passionate about certain social issues? And why do you want this so badly?

  • Do you dream of retiring in a big house with a pool?
  • Purchase luxurious items for your friends and family?
  • To be much more flexible and escape your regular job?
  • To educate and spread awareness to the masses?

Key takeaway: We all have one primary goal, but we don’t always have it in mind…

Hot tip: read these blogging books.

So, part of reframing your approach is to remain laser-focused on your goal as if nothing else matters.

Remember that hunger you felt when your blog was still just an idea in your head. Always, ALWAYS remain hungry and anxious to reach that goal. Always.

Note Everything That’s Not Working

crush your blogging goalsYou have probably written dozens of articles that never gained traction.

You have probably tried growing a large social following with no real success.

Maybe you’ve tried selling a product and only saw 2-3 sales for the entire year.

Even growing a mailing list seems impossible…

Trust me, we’ve all been there.

Have you ever wondered why none of the above has worked out, but it seems to work so damn well for other bloggers?

This is where you must be really (and I mean really) honest with yourself. More often than not, we hinder our own success by hiding behind excuses…

Then we get frustrated, gradually distance ourselves from blogging, and ultimately blame our failures on “circumstances” or maybe on our niche being “too competitive.”

It’s time to develop a plan, stick with it, and remain professional throughout.

Managing Time and/or Motivation

blog traffic in 2021Embrace sacrifice: Most of us lead pretty busy lives, especially when raising a family. I completely understand if you simply want to watch Netflix for 3-4 straight hours after a long day.

But remember what I said above (always be honest with yourself). Do you really lack the time to blog, or are you simply dedicating a tad too much time to other things?

Sit back and really think about that question above. Brutally and honestly.

Enjoy your free time, but also consider compromising in some areas (such as cutting back on XYZ by at least 45 minutes and dedicating it to your blog).

Embrace other content formats: Do you ever get tired of publishing traditionally long-form content?

They can be tedious and overwhelming, especially when you’re still not seeing any blog growth.

Thankfully, there are several content types to keep your audience engaged – and some of them don’t even require more than one sentence!

  • Subscribe to multiple YouTube channels related to your niche, then embed the occasional video on your blog. Accompany it by a short description, and ask your audience for feedback.
  • Likewise, embed the occasional image (infographic, or a meme) along with a short description. This highly depends on your niche.
  • Consider writing a weekly news roundup, depending on your niche. These can be as short as 250 words.
  • Consider writing a short bio / profile about someone in your niche. This helps your audience discover other people and allows you to make new friends.
  • Publish a weekly poll in which you ask a burning / curious question.
  • Publish the occasional contest with an affordable prize (such as a $15 gift card).

All of the above are excellent ways to keep your blog updated and your audience engaged, all without having to dedicate hours to your blog every single time you publish.

Set a budget and invest: We all dislike the idea of spending money on blogging, especially when our efforts have been lackluster. Ironically, this is precisely why you should consider investing.

If you lack the time or the drive to maintain it, consider hiring someone to assist with some responsibilities.

Your budget can be as small or as large as you choose. Hiring someone merely to find images or to come up with blog post ideas should only cost a few dollars per month, for instance.

Find affordable help in places like Fiverr, Upwork,, among many others. Don’t ignore this if you can invest even just $10 per month…

Managing Promotion

Finally, the topic of promotion is one that often scares us to death. Why? Well, because we’re afraid of potential backlash or simply being ignored.

Promoting means not being afraid to guest blog on other websites, to ask about collaborations, to share your content even on toxic places and getting unwarranted attitudes from some haters.

We have covered quite a few ways to promote effectively, including:

Promoting a brand new blog
Leveraging Google Alerts for growth
Overlooked ways to gain insane amounts of traffic

Feel free to explore even further with this search, in addition to this search.

Likewise (and this goes hand-in-hand with setting a budget) try to invest in growing your audience. Consider experimenting with Google Ads or other advertisement services out there, such as Facebook or Instagram advertising.

And once again, the amount of money spent is entirely up to you.

So, What Now?

Notice that this article is not 5,000 words long. Blogging successfully is NOT easy, but it doesn’t require a thousand steps in cutting-edge science. Develop a solid plan consisting of several (manageable) steps, repeat them, or tweak accordingly.

Remember, this entire article is about finally getting serious and treating your blog like a business. Some sacrifices are likely to be made.

You might fall off the wagon every now and then (similarly to losing weight or breaking a bad habit). But the important thing is to always remember your goal…

Write it down and keep it in a visible place; whether your dream is to buy someone a brand new car or to elevate a non-profit business through blogging, you must always keep your eyes on the prize.

Now the question is, what will you sacrifice to finally crush your blogging goals?