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How to Report Abuse to

This might get a little confusing, but hopefully you can follow along. Over on, Jonathan Bailey of Plagiarism Today has written a post about reporting abuse and spam to
If you use, or are thinking about using it, you might want to spend a bit of time hunting down abuse and bringing it to the attention of Automattic, the people running’s hosted service.

As someone who has filed hundreds of copyright complaints over the years, I can say without a doubt that Automattic has been very responsive to copyright complaints. However, there is a very strict protocol that one needs to follow in order to have their complaint acted upon.
Automattic is a U.S.-based company and its servers are located with in the country. As such, it is bound by U.S. law, most notable the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This law provides a safe harbor to Web hosts, such as Automattic, to prevent them from being held liable for copyright infringement perpetrated by their users without their knowledge.

Follow the advice in the post, report abuse, and make a better place for everyone.