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How to Setup WordPress Locally on Your Mac

Ben Bleikamp has put up a how-to guide on setting WordPress up locally on your Mac OS X machine using a one-click install package called MAMP, or Mac + Apache + mySQL, and PHP.
Here is the point form version. He goes through each of these steps with a bit more description, but overall, it is relatively simple to do.

1. Load up the MAMP application, start Apache and MySQL.
2. Point your browser to: http://localhost:8888/MAMP/ and you’ll find yourself at the MAMP homepage.
3. Create a database.
4. Unpack your WordPress download to to ../mamp/htdocs/wordpress/.
5. Load wp-config-sample.php into your favorite text editor.
6. Run the idiot-proof WordPress 5 minute install (it should take about 30 seconds).

There are similar tools for Windows that allows you to set up Windows to run a web server. I’d recommend one, but I have yet to do it. So if you know any good, quick, simple Windows based one click installs of Apache, mySQL and PHP, please let me know in the comments.