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How to Stay Inspired as a Blogger

Do you always remain inspired as a blogger and online entrepreneur? Do you ever ask yourself whether blogging is worth it?

Many of us have been blogging for years and occasionally feel the need to quit, especially when personal and highly sensitive problems interrupt our routine.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

That dangerous question comes to my head every once in a while, so I wanted to talk about it in detail and hope it motivates you to keep going.

Here are the things I do to stay inspired as a blogger and keep the business running smoothly.

Go with the Flow Whenever Possible

In other words, find what works best for you. Some suggest that working in the morning is always better, while others swear by a late-night shift after the kids are in bed.

It all depends on your specific situation and tastes. I personally work better from 10am to 5pm, and my mind/body starts to wind down after that. While I still remain productive long after, I dedicate the remainder of my day to less intensive things.

Strive to get ahead, but don’t force yourself into an uncomfortable work routine if you don’t have to.

Slow Down

Creative people often get 100 ideas per day, which leads us to implement too many of them at once.

This often results in information overload or simply spreading yourself too thin to make any project truly successful. Before you know it, all inspiration is gone because not a single venture has worked out.

While you shouldn’t necessarily dismiss your next big idea, I suggest you write it down until the time is right and execute it with care.

Get Some Assistance

Can you afford to outsource even some smaller things? Even if certain tasks are relatively minor, performing the same thing (over and over) can get tiring later down the road.

Perhaps someone can deliver new post ideas to your inbox every week, along with notes or an outline about the topic. Otherwise they can handle your social media accounts, as they require much more than merely dumping links all day.

Here’s a big list of affordable tasks you should consider outsourcing.

Make Blogging Easier

No matter how much you love to blog, certain things are admittedly painful. It’s best to make your routine as efficient as possible to remain inspired as a blogger and keep loving what you do.

Consider some of the following:

For blog mages, install a WordPress plugin like Pixabay Images. This means you can insert pictures straight into your post without having to download and then upload them to your server.

Do you visit certain sources frequently? Bookmark that specific page you visit instead of manually browsing to it.

Install blogging/writing extensions on your Web browser. For example, the Google dictionary extension gives you the definition of a word simply by highlighting it! You can find some more extensions here.

Obtain a faster server if you feel that editing/publishing new posts is a dreadful process. Otherwise, consider reading this post on speeding up your website for further assistance.

Purchase two monitors if you’re an avid writer and genuinely feel that two screens can speed up the publishing process.

Stop Obsessing

My life used to revolve around blogging; when I wasn’t talking about a new project, I was busy working on it. Then I would go to bed only to keep contemplating new ideas and/or features.

This is addictive, and it might keep you inspired as a blogger for a while, but it can also cause some serious burnout later on.

I know it’s hard to actually obey a day off. You may start twitching and feel the urge to start a brand new article or project…

But instead of working 24/7, create a solid to-do list and stick with it. Next time you get a day off, you’ll know all the important work has already been done.

Enjoy some Netflix without minding your computer monitor. You’ll love it.

Mix Business with Pleasure

Not every article needs to be 100% almighty and wise. While your posts should always be helpful (thanks, Captain obvious!) have you ever considered throwing in the occasional story or anecdote?

Sometimes you may need to tell a tale and there’s simply nobody to listen, or even tell a joke if you can magically blend it with your post in a natural way.

Incorporating some fun into your articles will also prevent you from sounding so “mechanical” and matter-of-fact, which readers may enjoy depending on your chosen niche.

Give Back

Here’s the biggest way I remain inspired as a blogger: Always dedicate the time to give something to your readers, even without a catch.

Sure, your blog posts are already giving them knowledge, but always try to think of other things to make someone smile.

I occasionally get emails from people saying that I have supposedly “improved their success.” Do you know how that makes me feel? I get inspired to keep blogging away until the day I die.

Here are a few ideas: If you notice someone truly stuck on a certain issue, provide him with your email address to discuss it more slowly (assuming you have the time).

Also, give away $25 to three newsletter subscribers on Christmas, for absolutely no reason. Trust me, the feeling and inspiration you receive back is simply indescribable.

Your Turn

How do you stay inspired as a blogger? Is it by looking at other people’s success? Or their failures? Maybe you picture your life five years from now and want to make sure it’s a damn good one? Please post your inspirational comments below!

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