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How to Update Your WordPress Blog and Optimize It for 2018

While you’ve been consistent in producing what you think is useful content, you haven’t seen the growth in readership that you’ve been hoping for. You have loyal readers, but you know you should attract more.

Creating content isn’t enough anymore. With the millions of blogs out there, you have to figure out ways to stand out and get noticed. By upgrading your WordPress blog, you can draw in more readers and drive conversions for your business.

Here are valuable tips on how to update your WordPress blog and optimize it for 2018:

Choose a better theme

How long has it been since you last changed your blog theme? Can’t remember now? Your blog could probably use a makeover.

Just as any beautiful thing attracts attention, an impressive design update gives your blog a fresh look that invites new site visits. Install a theme that loads fast, has an uncluttered look and can be easily customized. Choose from some of the best WordPress themes at Meridian Themes.

Make blog load faster

If you have a blog that takes forever to load, chances are, you’re losing a lot of readers.

A common cause of a slow website is having too many plugins, which takes up a lot of space on your blog server. Uninstall unnecessary plugins. And install those with more than one function, like the popular Yoast plugin.

Including a lot of images could also slow down your blog. Make your blog load faster by optimizing your images before uploading them to your gallery. Do this by decreasing the image size using image optimization and compression plugins like, Lazy Load or TinyPNG.

And sometimes, all it takes to make your blog load faster is switching to a better hosting provider. If you chose the cheapest option before, investing in a professional blog host would most probably speed up your site.

Create better content

Before you can create better content, you need to get to know your audience well. What do they need help with? Readers will always look for original, actionable content on your blog.

Explore different angles to solve your readers’ problems. Doing keyword research will give you plenty of ideas to write about.

And how do you get people to read your content? By writing powerful headlines using headline writing tools. List posts, question headlines and case studies are headline types that consistently perform well.

Be on top of the content game and see what type of content is working for your audience. An editorial calendar and effective content marketing strategy are great tools to help you reach your target audience and convert them into customers.

Promote like crazy!

Always promote your blog so more people will know about it. Three of the most common ways of sharing your blog posts are by email, social media networks, and social bookmarking sites.

Build an email list because it’s still the best method to gain a loyal following. Inform your email subscribers when you’ve published a new blog post.

Sharing your content on social media doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Find out what channels your audience spends the most time on, and interact with them there. Be sure to customize your content for each of the platforms.

Submit your blog content to popular social bookmarking sites like Digg, AllTop, and StumbleUpon. In these sites, readers interested in specific topics discover related content.

Get more eyeballs on your blog by trying out the blog promotion tactics listed by CoSchedule.

Build relationships with influencers

It takes time to build and nurture a relationship with influencers, but the rewards can be priceless. Getting in front of their significant audience would be a huge win for you. Not only will you be getting a lot of new readers, but with it, you’ll also be getting feedback on your blog.

In attempting to build real relationships with influencers, begin by taking small steps. Follow their social media accounts, subscribe to their email list, share their updates and comment on their new blog posts.

After a period of regular interaction with an influencer, try to send a cold email offering help or useful feedback. You can then progress to letting them know about your new blog posts,

asking for a social media share, then eventually having the courage to ask for a link to your blog.

Not all influencers will say yes to you, but that shouldn’t stop you from asking.


In the world wide web where there are millions of WordPress blogs, not too many bloggers make the time and effort to update their blogs. Be one of the few who does so you could see your blog get more traffic and drive more conversion to your business.