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How To Use Influencer Marketing To Grow Your Blog

About two-thirds of North American brands use a form of influencer marketing because they come at a relatively cheaper price than other traditional forms of marketing. Influencer marketing is especially huge on Instagram, with a large presence of influencers in every niche ready to help brands increase their Instagram followers.

Influencer marketing is a way of collaboration with online personalities who have a substantial following.

What makes influencer marketing effective? Well, today, a lot of people no longer trust messages that come from the brands themselves. Instead, they find genuine recommendations from other individuals—people they trust.

There are different types of influencers and their reach and influence vary. Nano-influencers or those with about 1,000 to 10,000 followers are great to collaborate with as they usually have a loyal following which respond well to their message.

We are clearly living in the era of influencers. So how can you leverage them to grow your blog?

Let’s take a look at 5 ways to make influencer marketing work for your business.

Prioritize your audience

Since your goal is to convert your audience into customers, your strategy should include them at all times.

In influencer marketing, the key is trust.

Your audience should be able to trust and respect the influencers that you choose to promote your brand.

Defining your audience is going to narrow down the type of content you will produce, which will also lead you to identify the type of influencers you will have to find.

Focus your efforts on what your audience will like and analyze how they respond to your content. This will help you figure out the next steps for your influencer marketing campaign.

Look for a relevant influencer

Once you truly understand who your target audience is, it’s time to decide what type of influencer would be perfect for your campaign.

For instance, if you’re looking for someone who can help you spread awareness abour your marketing business, you can look for a marketing expert like Gary Vaynerchuk.

Decide the amount of reach you’d like to target and seek influencers who have a significant following and who are relevant to your niche.

You can look for hundreds of influencers with an “okay” reach, or go straight to the top influencer in your niche, which can be really expensive.

There’s an overwhelming amount of influencers on Instagram and finding them can be quite easy if you try to search using hashtags. You have to be careful though. Appearances can be deceiving. Some “influencers” can be sketchy since likes and followings can be bought nowadays.

Make sure to look for influencers with real followers who actively engage with their posts.

Also, use these tools to help you find the right people for your blog.

Then, you can also use a tool like to easily contact and organize your prospects.

Define the type of content you need

Define the type of content you need

The boost you will receive while doing influencer marketing will depend on many factors. Aside from the popularity of the influencers you choose, content is also important.

Your influencers can provide you with content, and since you understand your target audience better, you have a clear idea about what works and what doesn’t.

These are the types of activities or content you can ask from the influencers you’ve chosen to collaborate with:

  • Create a blog post or video content about your products or services
  • Promote you on all of their social media accounts
  • A post or review showing them using your product
  • Personally answer customer feedback about your brand on their accounts

Treasure your influencers

There’s a big difference between influencers you found through an agency and those whom you’ve spent some time having a conversation with. It’s all about relationship building.

These influencers carry the weight of lifting up your brand and provide you the best ROI. Make sure to manage your relationship with them well.

When your influencers are motivated, they will go out of their way doing your brand a favor.

Measure your results

Keeping track of your influencer marketing campaign is now easily done because everything is digital. Use marketing tools to gather data and other important information and use them to fine-tune your marketing techniques. For example, you can use a free tool like Google Analytics or any type of marketing automation tool where you can see which influencer refers more traffic to your site, based on unique landing pages or through UTM parameters.

Aside from stats on your end, you should also be able to ask influencers for data on their end that may prove useful in gathering insights related to your campaign.

If you’re not sure what to measure, look out for these key performance metrics:

  • Number of impressions or reach
  • Post engagements such as likes or reactions, comments, and shares
  • New page visitors
  • Average duration of users on your website
  • Sales generated by the influencer

If certain influencers don’t produce the expected results, it’s best to drop them and move on or try to find other influencers in your niche.


Gone are the days when only TV and radio are the most effective form of advertising. Because these influencers have lots of followers who are loyal and highly engaged, tons of companies are looking to collaborate with them.

Influencer marketing is more efficient compared to traditional forms of marketing so trying to incorporate that to your own blog is worth the effort.

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