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How to Properly Use Social Media to Drive Blog Traffic

Social media.

Repeat that phrase to yourself 10 times.

Go ahead; do it now. I will be here when you return.


You just learned the secret to properly driving blog traffic through social media.

Social, engaging, chatty, kind bloggers who generously serve others increase their blog traffic steadily.

Non-social bloggers struggle terribly to drive blog traffic because nobody cares about a selfish blogger who doesn’t want to waste their time helping out or even chatting with fellow bloggers.

Social media traffic is highly targeted, qualified, engaged traffic. Folks who find you through social often become loyal readers.

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1: Share *Other* Blogger’s Posts

When figuring out how to blog, the first thing you’ll learn is that reciprocity rules.

Share other bloggers’ posts on social media. Hit the retweet button frequently. Tap the Facebook Share button regularly.

Boost your blog traffic through the power of reciprocity.

Generous bloggers make friends on social media easily by sharing other bloggers’ content freely in addition to sharing their own content.

How it works: promote a handful of bloggers from your niche on sites like Twitter and Facebook. A fair chunk of these bloggers befriend you and promote you in return, expanding your online presence and boosting your blog traffic.

As your blogger friend network grows through generously promoting other bloggers your traffic increases too.

Give freely.

Receive easily.

2: Be Accessible and Responsive

Being accessible means maintaining an active presence on multiple social media networks.

Being responsive means responding within 24 hours on at least a few of these networks.

Accessible, responsive bloggers increase blog traffic because being awake and alert at the blogging wheel drives more readers to your blog.

Bloggers with a poor social media presence and slow response times miss opportunities to turn potential readers into loyal blog readers.

3: Help People in Groups and Communities

Be of service on Facebook Groups and in Google Plus Communities related to your blogging niche.

Answer questions thoroughly to help people and to increase traffic to your blog.

Happy, grateful people whose questions you answered gladly click to your profile and click your blog link to increase your traffic.

Be thorough. Avoid the volume approach of trying to answer as many questions as possible in 1-2 sentences. Share a 1-3 paragraph, thoughtful, genuine response. Make an impact on someone by answering their pressing question. Increase your blog traffic in the process.

4: Persistently Work Social Channels

Impatient bloggers never make progress with social media marketing.

Only the persistent, generous blogger drives increasing traffic through social media.

Create value over the long haul. Help people. Answer questions. Promote other bloggers. Answer your messages. Engage people who retweet your posts or Like your updates.

Adopt a long term approach to see immense success with social media marketing. Move your weekly time frames to monthly time frames.

Wielding blogging clout on social media takes time. Patiently and persistently see your journey through by helping people, by building friendships and by driving traffic to your blog over the long haul.

5: Engage People

Engage your retweeters. Chat folks who Like and comment on your Facebook updates.

Engaging human beings 1 to 1 is the ultimate social media secret in terms of driving blog traffic.

Many lost bloggers treat social media like a numbers game. Numbers do not subscribe to your blog. People subscribe to your blog.

Treat people like human beings by chatting with them.

Engage your engagers. Address folks by name. Build bonds. Plant the seeds for driving more traffic to your blog.

Retweet and Like blog posts related to your niche. Form friendships with blogger from your niche to increase your traffic potential.

By engaging people regularly you lay the foundation for a successful traffic building campaign because the authentic blogger who behaves like a human being outshines all of the inauthentic bloggers who litter social with their lack of engagement and “link and leave” approach.

6: Avoid the Link and Leave Approach

Struggling bloggers often try the link and leave approach to social media.

You know what I am talking about; dropping a link to your latest post on your Facebook Page and leaving, only returning to drop another link.

These links are litter because nobody cares about a blogger who only cares about themselves.

Frustrated bloggers do the absolute worst thing they can do; they ask for another 50, 100 or 1,000 social media groups or communities where they can litter their link, only to fail more miserably down the road.

Do not fall prey to this silly approach that guarantees your blogging failure.

Avoid the link and leave approach to trying to drive blog traffic.

Like the dinosaur, this technique went extinct a long time ago.

Help people.

Serve people.

Engage people.

Make friends.

Drive blog traffic.

Your Turn

How do you drive blog traffic through social media?

What tips can you add to this list?